Team Plasma

By Matt

While playing Pokemon Black and White, you are bound to come across Team Plasma. Although they sound very vague about what they want to accomplish, it is clear that they (obviously) are up to no good. When you approach the first town, you will find Team Plasma speaking to the crowd about “Liberating”Pokemon. They say that people make Pokemon suffer by using them to battle, which obviously baffles the crowd. Another point they make is that releasing Pokemon will free them from the “burdens”that the trainer has put on them. As usual, this is another vague announcement confuses the masses, while they leave to preach at another town. One could say they are some sort of group of prophets that want to spread a message before a true catastrophe happens.

On the other hand, one could completely ignore what they say, and be unprepared in time of a prophetic disaster. Seeing as how the members are in robes, it is a sensible idea not to trust them. One of the first schemes they plan is stealing a Dragon Skull at the Nacrene City Museum. This happens right after you beat Lenora, the second Gym Leader in Unova. After she hands the badge to you, Lenora is notified that Team Plasma has stolen the skull and took off into Pinwheel Forest.

In the game, Team Plasma’s grunts are very easy to defeat; most of the time, they use Patrats or Watchogs, the equivalent to Rattatas or Raticates. Occasionally, as you progress through the game, you can see Team Plasma’s attempts to “free”
Pokemon when you are faced with an obstacle to get to the next city. A central member of Team Plasma is Ghetsis, who is one of the Seven Sages. He is the representative that speaks to you when you approach him for the first time.

At first, he talks about the suffering of Pokemon at the hands of careless
trainers. But when he sees that you are friendly towards your Pokemon, he becomes relieved at the fact that there are some careful trainers. When he makes speeches at towns, he is surrounded by Plasma guards. N, a mysterious trainer that also appears at some places, occasionally will challenge you to a battle in order to test your friendship with your Pokemon. He says that he has a new world-view where
Pokemon can be happy and free. It’s your choice to believe him, as you can select either “yes” or”no” when he asks you about your opinion. Either way, you have to defeat him; he proves as somewhat challenging.

Sometimes, it’s very inconvenient to run into him, especially after you’ve wasted a lot of energy defeating Team Plasma grunts along the way. When you go to Dragonspiral Tower, you will meet him again; this time, he has captured a legendary Pokemon (either Zekrom or Reshiram, this is different based on your version) and tells you that he is the hero which will “free”Unova. He challenges you to find the other legend, and defeat him if you want to keep the world with Pokemon and trainers living in unity to stay intact. Team Plasma is clearly a team with a different motive; this is a great new twist to the Pokemon series.

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