A Teenager’s View On Blitzle

By Matt

When I was playing Pokemon White Version, I came across yet another strange-looking Pokemon native to Unova: Blitzle. Blitzle, which I caught with ease, proves a faithful companion in my team. An Electric-type, and classified as an Electrified Pokemon, Blitzle is a strong attacker. Basically, you could “tank” trainers you could run across by having an over-leveled Blitzle do all the work.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Blitzle is very weak in terms of defense, because when I was raising it, it would usually get half its HP drained by a measly Quick Attack. I would go joke with my friends who have the game, “Did you catch the electric zebra, too?” They said that they caught one, but didn’t keep it in their team due to its weak defensive nature.

Blitzle looks like a zebra because of its lightning bolt-shaped marks. In battle, if the animation is on, it periodically flashes yellow, giving the nickname “Electric Zebra” (When it evolved, I named Zebstrika ElctrcZbra for simplicity purposes). Its ability when I caught it is Motor Drive, which increases its speed when hit by an Electric-type move.  It’s a great ability, seeing how it will take no damage from electrical attacks.

A downside to this is that it has a great base stat for speed, making this ability seem redundant. Its other ability is Lightning rod. This ability (I think) has changed in this game: It attracts all Electric-type moves, but increases Special Attack and nullifies the move. In the previous games I had, usually an Electrike or Manectric would have Lightningrod and just take the damage. But this ability is new and perhaps overlooked; if I were looking for a perfect Blitzle, Lightningrod would be its ability.

One of its moves that it learns early on is Shock Wave, which proves very useful in taking out Pokemon more powerful than itself. It also can not be avoided, similar to Swift or Aerial Ace. I was on the fence when it learned Discharge; since I play with my friends a lot, Discharge would also hurt my ally Pokemon, so I decided to keep Shock Wave and Charge (as a buffer). Another move I’m debating is Wild Charge, a move entirely new to Pokemon. This is the Electric equivalent to Take Down; it will damage the user. Its power is 90, so using this move in conjunction with Shock Wave may prove useful.

According to Serebii, if Blitzle was EV trained, its maximum Defense and Special Defense would be somewhere from 75-179, which is, in fact, a weak stat. Remember, though, Pokemon are picked because you love them, not because of raw strength.

Some of my other friends who have seen this game have said that Blitzle looks like a Neopet, which is a very strange comment. I haven’t played Neopets (nor will I ever). Blitzle can be used as a tank to take out other Pokemon quickly, but it is extremely weak when you use it defensively, so be careful when devising a defense strategy.



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  1. 100% Agree man! To be honest I really love this pokemon. I used to play Gen III only and I always had an Electrike/Manectric(I assume to be the Gen III counterpart of Bltzle, right?) and he’s always a core member of my team. He’s super fast, a definite yes to that and his attacks do hurt. About his defensive stats aren’t that bad as Blitzle’s. This on the other hand depresses me, cuz’ I really want Blitzle in my Gen V core team. But having those moments where he couldn’t stand 2 normal damaging hits just suck. I having second thoughts now ;'(

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