Pokemon Plush Review – MPCs.

By Myntii

MPCs, otherwise known as ‘My Pokemon Collection’ plush, are small plush made by Banpresto that can be obtained through the UFO claw machines in Japan. These plush were showcased at the World Hobby Fair in Tokyo in January 2011. Several MPCs were also shown at the Amusement Machine Operators Expo 2011, also in Tokyo, in February. They started appearing in the UFO games in late April of this year, which are claw machines where one uses a joystick to manuever a large claw around in order to grab a prize. The MPCs are released in 6-plush sets every few weeks. In an announcement made in March 2011, Banpresto noted on their MPC mobile site that these plush will be released in every Unova Pokemon, for a total of over 100 plush! In July, the first two non-Unova Pokemon were featured in the line-up – Meowth and Pikachu. Also, for Pokemon such as Deerling, or Shikijika, there will be separate plush for each of their versions.

My Pokemon Collection plush are made of soft, minky fabric and are a small size, each at roughly 4 inches, or 10 centimeters, in height. Some characters have certain attributes that make them a little larger. For such small size, they are incredibly detailed and high quality. Their features are embroidered. They also have a black, ball-chain attached to the top so that you can hang them from purses, backpacks, windows, and anything else you’d like. Each plush has an ID, or serial number, found on their paper tag, that one can use to register on the mobile site, which can be found at http://bpnavi.jp/mpc/, using a cellphone after winning the plush. After registering, you can name your plush and share your collection with other people. Paper tags feature a picture of the Pokemon and its name in Japanese. The paper tags for the different sets are different. The first two releases featured square tags, first in yellowish orange, and then in green. In the third release, the tag design changed to a cellphone-like shape with a blue outline. This design has remained the same in the fourth release. They also have a small tush tag that resembles a Pokeball, in addition to the regular Banpresto tush tag.

Along with the regular releases, there have been some special MPC plush that have been added in celebration of the newest Pokemon movies, Victini and the Black Hero, and Victini and the White Hero. The first movie version set was released in the last week of June. In total, there will be three movie sets, A, B and C, some of them including new plush of characters that have been released regularly, such as Blitzle/Shimama, or the same character with a different expression, such as Victini’s movie release, which shows him frowning. Their paper tags are similar to those of the third and fourth sets, but with a purple outline instead. These special movie plush are released in 5-character sets.
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Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 2

By Jo

With every generation, there’s always those Pokemon that just don’t settle well with you. Maybe it’s their appearance, or what they’re based off from – it doesn’t matter. You just weren’t particularly fond of them. But then, after having given those Pokemon a chance, you’re opinions of them change and you become pleasantly surprised. That sort of thing really happened a lot with me when becoming acquainted with the Unova region Pokemon.

One of the first routes I came across in Unova had a Lillipup barking at me. Sure, it was kind of cute, but I’ve never really been one for using normal-types. Still, I caught the little guy and decided I’d use him at least until after I’d acquired my first gym badge as I’d use all the help I could get. Directly after I caught a Purrloin and nicknamed her, showing favoritism right off the bat, though just as I checked out my party I realized my little Lillipup was holding an item. Turns out, my Lillipup had the ability Pickup which – at the time – I’d had zero experience with. As we continued getting my party up in levels, the little guy kept picking up useful items and would hand them over without any hesitation. And then I took notice of how much he was also helping my wallet as well. Super potions, ultra balls, antidotes – you name it. Eventually, I decided not to evolve him, despite the fact that his stats would have improved. Because by then I’d realized I liked him just the way he was.
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All About Blitzle And Zebstrika

By Emily

Being strong, fast electric types, Blitzle and Zebstrika are two top-notch Pokemon from the Unova region. Their stats and attacks give players at any level in the game a speedy edge, and the best part of these two is their relative commonness. Not to mention some recent merchandise. Zebstrika’s two best attributes are its Attack and Speed, which should be used to their full potential. With most of its moves being physical it has no problem dishing out some real damage.

With Flame Charge, it has a type advantage over many more Pokemon with the added bonus of a speed boost every time it uses the attack. Wild Charge and Thrash are two of the best attacks for this character, thanks to their high base power and Wild Charge’s Same Type Attack Bonus. Even though Thrash will eventually confuse Zebstrika, it allows the Pokemon to get some damage in for multiple turns. The recoil with Wild Charge may make it seem like a double-edge sword, it will allow Zebstrika to take down many of its opponents at a small price.
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A Teenager’s View On Blitzle

By Matt

When I was playing Pokemon White Version, I came across yet another strange-looking Pokemon native to Unova: Blitzle. Blitzle, which I caught with ease, proves a faithful companion in my team. An Electric-type, and classified as an Electrified Pokemon, Blitzle is a strong attacker. Basically, you could “tank” trainers you could run across by having an over-leveled Blitzle do all the work.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Blitzle is very weak in terms of defense, because when I was raising it, it would usually get half its HP drained by a measly Quick Attack. I would go joke with my friends who have the game, “Did you catch the electric zebra, too?” They said that they caught one, but didn’t keep it in their team due to its weak defensive nature.
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Blitzle, Whimsicott And Cubchoo Pokemon Pokedolls

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released 3 new awesome Pokedolls. They are Blitzle, Cubchoo and Whimsicott. After the last few Pokedolls have been large size, its nice to have the Pokemon Center release some of the normal size ones again. These three Pokemon plushies are extremely popular and will probably sell out very fast. Continue reading “Blitzle, Whimsicott And Cubchoo Pokemon Pokedolls”

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