The Battle According To Lenora! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 15th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash, Iris, and Cilan had just arrived to Nacrene City in the previous episode and now Ash is ready to challenge Lenora, the Nacrene City gym leader. Lenora, Hawes, and the trainers go through the museum and are allowed into a restricted room. It turns out to be a library where Lenora recommends that Ash studies about the Unova region. She points at a book and recommends that Ash should “take a peek” at it.

Ash is hesitant to read because he wants to battle, but Iris and Cilan hint that Lenora may be testing him. He pulls the book and that triggers the bookshelf to move, revealing a hidden staircase. The gym leader reveals that it was a test, and that she can get a sense of what the trainer is like by observing what kind of book he or she chooses. She comes to the conclusion that Ash is very straight-forward. They go downstairs and are introduced to the Nacrene City gym.

Before the battle even begins, Lenora reveals the two Pokemon she will be using: Lillipup and Watchog. There is some interaction between Lillipup and the others and the match finally begins after Hawes explains the rules. The battlers agree to a 2-on-2 match. The match begins with Lillipup using Roar on Tepig, forcing it to switch with Ash’s Oshawott. Lenora follows up her move by switching to Watchog and using Mean Look. Our protagonist is visibly shaken up and so is his Pokemon. Watchog’s Low Kick catches Oshawott off-guard, but is able to block the ensuing Thunderbolt with his scallop shell. Oshawott gets in a Water Gun, but loses his shell when he tries to use Razor Shell, and is knocked out by another Thunderbolt. Lenora switches back to Lillipup as Ash sends out Tepig again. Tepig doesn’t last very long, as he is outclassed by Lillipup’s speed and eventually gets knocked out by Take Down.

Ash thanks his Pokemon for the tough match and apologizes for his own shortcomings. He is saddened, but hopeful for his rematch. The trio goes to the Pokemon Center where Iris and Cilan give Ash advice. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is shown to steal the meteorite at the museum. The next morning, our heroes set out to the town’s Battle Club for some training. Don George is there to meet them and is familiar with the situation. He offers to provide rigorous training and the episode ends with the door opening to the Battle Club.
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Purrloin and Liepard

By Joanna

I’ve always had a thing for cats, so it’s only natural that I’d become fond of Pokemon based off from felines. The newest fifth generation cats were no exception; and I’m sure many others were charmed by the new cat-like dark-types just because of what they’re based off from. Truth is, though, that there’s so much more to Purrloin and Liepard than just that.

Purrloin is an eggplant colored cat with cream colored markings. Its heavy lids are colored pink and it has large, green eyes. Its head appears to be a bit too large for its small, feline body. The tip of its tail is curved, and resembles a scythe. According to its pokedex entries, they steal from people for fun. When people let down their guard around them, they find their items taken. Due to their appearance, though, their victims can’t help but forgive them. That’s what makes their deceptively cute act perfect. Purrloin attack with their sharp claws. Purrloin seems to be based off from a black cat, its shiny form seems to only make that theory more apparent. Its name probably comes from the word ‘purr’ (the sound that a cat makes when it’s content) and a corruption of the word “purloin” (which means “to steal, in violation to one’s trust”).

Purrloin evolves soon after its canine counterpart, Lillipup, into its final form once it reaches level 20. Its evolution, Liepard, is a bit larger than Purrloin and seems to share its spots with the leopard or cheetah. It is primarily a purple color while its chest fur, lower half of its legs, and face (including its whiskers and ‘eyebrows’) are all yellow. It has rings the same color yellow on the upper half of its legs and back. It has a pink ‘mask’ surrounding its green eyes and a tail in the shape of a scythe, though curves into a question-mark shape. Its pokedex entries state that Liepard vanish and appear unexpectedly. It stealthily sneaks up on its targets, striking from behind before its victims have a chance to react. Apparently many trainers are drawn to them because of their beautiful form and fur. Liepard are known to move silently and elegantly, taking their opponents down by using stealth, a similar trait found in large cats. Despite their elegance and beautiful fur, Liepard are known as the Cruel Pokemon, as they act just as mistrustful as their pre-evolution. Considering its size, Liepard seems to be based off from the leopard cat a type of small, wild cat that inhabits South and East Asia. Leopard cats share characteristics with house cats, as well as leopards. Liepard’s name seems to be a combination of the words ‘lie’ and ‘leopard’.

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Pokemon Red Frenzy: Back to Basics


I took a stroll down memory lane and purchased a Pokemon Black and White Red Frenzy Theme Deck. The last time I bought a starter deck was the very first one that featured a holographic Machamp, so I really felt excited about opening this one. It comes with 60 cards, a deck box, a metallic coin, a checklist, damage counters, a play mat, and an online code card.

Red Frenzy
Pokemon: 30

2 Emboar
3 Pignite
4 Tepig
2 Simisear
3 Pansear
1 Darmanitan
4 Darumaka
2 Timburr
1 Stoutland
2 Herdier
3 Lillipup
1 Cincinno
2 Mincinno

Trainers and Supporters: 12
2 Energy Search
2 Switch
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Pokemon Communication
2 Professor Juniper
2 Revive

Energy: 18
12 Fire
6 Fighting

First of all, I can’t believe there are 30 Pokemon cards. You get 5 different evolution lines, 5 rares, 3 different types of Pokemon, and an awesome holographic Emboar card. Let me just get this out of the way and say that I’m relieved that Nintendo has stopped making so many rare trainers (Clefairy Doll and Devolution Spray come to mind). Energy Search looks like it could just be replaced with an energy card.

I’ve always found Switch useful, especially with the heavy Pokemon included in this deck. You’ll need them for the likes of Emboar, Stoutland, and Darmanitan.

Energy Retrieval will help in getting those fire energy cards back from discarding energy costs and Revive is a decent card. It seems like Professor Juniper is this card generation’s Professor Oak. Almost every deck will have 4 of these—it’s that good.

Pokemon Communication is an amazing card as well. You can trade any Pokemon card in your hand for any Pokemon card in your deck (Tepig for Emboar? Yes, thank you).
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The Lillipup Line

By Jo

The newest Pokemon games have brought with them some pretty cute and interesting normal-types this generation. The Lillipup line is a prime example of that fact. The little fuzzy faced dogs act as a counterpart to the Purrloin line, as both are representations of house pets. Though where the cats are supposed to be tricky and untrustworthy, Lillipup and its evolutions act as noble dogs that would never even think of being disloyal to their trainer.

Lillipup, the Puppy Pokemon, is tiny and cute. It has a tan colored coat with a black patch on its back, and its face is covered with a sandy colored fluff. Its color scheme brings to mind a Yorkshire terrier, though the fuzz on its face and its evolutions’ appearance hints at traits coming from a Schnauzer. According to its pokedex entries, Lillipup face strong opponents with a great deal of courage. Being quite intelligent, it knows not to fight a losing battle and will flee from a battle if it’s at a disadvantage. The pokedex also states that the long hair around its face provides an amazing radar that lets it sense subtle changes in its surroundings. Besides the Unova starters, Lillipup is the only fifth generation Pokemon that evolves before level 20. Lillipup’s name seems to come from the words ‘little’ and ‘pup’.

Once it becomes strong enough, Lillipup will then evolve at level 16 into a Herdier. Herdier, like its pre-evolution, seems to be based off from a Yorkie. Its cheeks, ears, and legs are a tan shade, while its back is covered with long, black fur that resembles almost a cape or a cloak. Herdier has thick, sandy colored eyebrows that go down the bridge of its nose and connect to a fluffy mustache. Large eyebrows and mustaches are a common trait found in Schnauzers. Herdier’s pokedex entries state that the black, cape-like fur on its back is very hard and decreases the amount of damage it receives from attacks. The pokedex also say that they will loyally follow its trainer’s commands and that they’ve helped trainers raise Pokemon for ages. Herdier’s name seems to come from the words ‘herd’ (which would reference herding dogs) and ‘terrier’.
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Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 2

By Jo

With every generation, there’s always those Pokemon that just don’t settle well with you. Maybe it’s their appearance, or what they’re based off from – it doesn’t matter. You just weren’t particularly fond of them. But then, after having given those Pokemon a chance, you’re opinions of them change and you become pleasantly surprised. That sort of thing really happened a lot with me when becoming acquainted with the Unova region Pokemon.

One of the first routes I came across in Unova had a Lillipup barking at me. Sure, it was kind of cute, but I’ve never really been one for using normal-types. Still, I caught the little guy and decided I’d use him at least until after I’d acquired my first gym badge as I’d use all the help I could get. Directly after I caught a Purrloin and nicknamed her, showing favoritism right off the bat, though just as I checked out my party I realized my little Lillipup was holding an item. Turns out, my Lillipup had the ability Pickup which – at the time – I’d had zero experience with. As we continued getting my party up in levels, the little guy kept picking up useful items and would hand them over without any hesitation. And then I took notice of how much he was also helping my wallet as well. Super potions, ultra balls, antidotes – you name it. Eventually, I decided not to evolve him, despite the fact that his stats would have improved. Because by then I’d realized I liked him just the way he was.
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Fifth Generation Pokemon Center Plush

By Emily

Usually Pokemon Center plush are associated with the small chibi-fied Pokedolls. Regular plush were introduced bit by bit, but never in a high quantity. Not until the release of Black and White. Along with the classic Pokedoll plush, the Pokemon Center also started to release new plush toys that look more true-to-life, and they have been a huge hit ever since.

The first set of the new plush was on the day Pokemon Black and White were released, and featured two types of plush. There were two large plush of Reshiram and Zekrom, both of which are roughly twelve inches tall. Smaller plush were also released and featured the starters along with some of the heavily-advertised Pokemon like Minccino and Axew. In total one dozen new plush were available, with the large plush costing 3300 yen and the small plush being 1200 yen, more than the price of a regular Pokedoll. Three large, life-size plush were also released of the three starters. The life-size plush were nearly two feet tall, with Pokabu being about that long length-wise, and have been the most expensive plush to be sold in the stores. The large plush were extremely popular and other Pokemon have been made into this style of plush in recent times thanks to the original success of these three.
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All About Pokemon Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland

By Emily

Being one of the first Pokemon available, almost every person catches a Lillipup within a few minutes of starting their journey in Black or White. Many times Lillipup is evolved into Herdier, and then forgotten in a box. However, this dog-based evolutionary line has quite a few surprises in store, from abilities to attacks. All of these Pokemon have at least one useful ability, which is usually overlooked due to their typing. Lillipup for example is the only fifth generation Pokemon who can have the Pickup ability.

Pickup is very useful in the beginning of the game, as you can get useful items just by battling trainers or wild Pokemon. Both Herider and Stoutland can have Intimidate, which can come in useful during double or triple battles, though their best ability comes from the Dream World. Scrappy will enable them to damage Ghost-types with Normal-type attacks, which can be extremely useful if the opponent Pokemon can’t easily damage your Herdier or Stoutland.
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