My Speculation of the Unova Starters

By Logan,

Lately, I’ve been hearing people talk about the Unova starter pokémon. I’m sure most of you pokémon fans like me will probably disagree with some of the things I say about these three. For example, I think Snivy is over-designed.

Let’s start with Snivy. Like I said before, I think the way that he is designed is a little much. I mean think back to Chikorita and Bulbasaur. They were nothing but green pokémon with very little but cool details like Bulbasaur’s seed and Chikorita’s leaf. With Snivy, it’s got a leaf tail, weird yellow collar things, a yellow swirls-like detail around both eyes, etc. Don’t get mad yet though. I still agree that Snivy is cool. Especially the way he’s so calm and cool. That’s what I love about his personality. Another thing I like is how even though he’s based off of a snake, he has feet, and they made it work. It had to be hard to make a snake design and have feet, but they made it work.

Conclusion: An over-designed, but cool snake.

Number two, Tepig. Prepare to hate me when I say that Tepig is my least favorite of the three. To start, I just don’t like how he’s a pig. I’m not saying he’s ugly but, I’m just not very fond of pig-like Pokémon, like Spoink. Although, Grumpig is still on my top 20 favorite pokemon list. Another detail I don’t like is how he looks like he’s wearing a black diaper. It make’s him look wierd and like a baby. There are some cool things that I like though. His ears. I have absolutely no explanation why. They just seem cool. I also think his tail is epic. Think about it, a curly tail with a shiny red bulb at the end, epic right?! Just like Snivy, I like Tepig’s personality. He’s fun-loving, and I have also noticed how his battle animation in the games has his tail wagging sometimes. So if you like this starter, then you can hate my comment about him.

Conclusion: A cool eared, epic tailed, diaper wearing pig.

That just leaves one more, and that’s Oshawott. To be honest, I picked this little guy as my starter in Pokémon Black. Most people say that Oshawott is ugly, but I think he’s cute. Yes, I am a guy who thinks Pokémon can be cute. Sea otters are awesome so I was excited to have a Pokémon based off of one. My favorite part of all, the shell on his stomach. I think it’s called a scalchop if I remember from the anime. I think it’s cool how he can take it off and deflect attacks with it. Another thing, this dude is also partly based off a ninja somehow (mostly in his second evolution). Oshawott kind of reminds me of a snowman, but it works with how cute he is. Personality wise, he’s a confident, brave, and curios one. That’s awesome in my point of view.

Conclusion: A cute, brave, ninja sea otter.I hope you fans post comment of how you see these starters.

P.S. Oshawott has helped me beat Pokémon Black in a little less than a week!

P.S.S. I will probably do evaluations on the evolution too!

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Scraggy—Hatched To Be Wild. Summary And Review!


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 17th episode of Pokemon Black and White. The show begins with our heroes taking a break somewhere along the road to Castelia City. Ash’s egg starts to glow, indicating that it’s about to hatch. They gather around in anticipation around the glowing egg, but are startled when Axew accidently trips and pushes it down a hill. They chase after it and Pikachu ends up using Quick Attack to catch the egg before it collides into a boulder. Almost immediately, the egg hatches and reveals a Scraggy and Ash uses his Pokedex right away.

Scraggy seems happy to see Ash, but greets Pikachu with a Leer and a Headbutt. Ash decides to let his new spunky Pokemon have a battle. Pikachu goes easy on it, but it is obvious that Scraggy is outmatched. Afterwards, Ash sends out Pidove, Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy to all meet and play with the newly-born. The sun starts setting and everyone gathers around to eat dinner. Meanwhile, Team Rocket receives instructions from Pierce and comment that they are now on “Stage 2” of their operations.

The scene turns back to our heroes and it is night time. Everyone is sleeping except for Axew who notices Scraggy is missing and alerts Iris. Ash and Cilan wake up and they all start looking around in the forest. Axew tracks down Scraggy’s footprints and they find it head-butting a tree. A disgruntled Galvantula pops out and unleashes a flurry of electric and bug type moves. Pikachu is able to scare the Galvantula away, but not before Scraggy suffers much damage. Iris and Axew look in the forest for herbs, and fix up a healing salve for the injured Pokemon.

The next scene involves Team Rocket delivering the meteorite to Dr. Zager who promptly runs some tests. The meteorite subsequently radiates violet leaving James, Jessie, and Pierce in awe. The following morning, Scraggy wakes up and is back to normal, but when everyone is ready to eat breakfast, it goes missing again. This time, Ash sends out all his other Pokemon to help in the search. They end up tracking him to the same tree, but this time it is surrounded by multiple Galvantula. Pidove, Tepig, Pikachu, Oshawott, and Snivy all engage in battle and rescue their friend. Afterwards, they finally eat, but Axew and Scraggy bump heads. Cilan says that the two would make perfect training partners, so Ash and Iris decide to battle. The two only know two moves apiece and so they mainly exchange Scratches and Headbutts. They battle ends up in a drawn when Dragon Rage hurts both Pokemon. Our heroes continue on their journey to the next city.
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Snivy Plays Hard To Catch! Summary And Review


Hi guys! Today I will be summarizing and reviewing the 7th episode in Pokemon Black and White. Ash and the gang set off for Nacrene City. Our heroes take a quick lunch break. Iris gathers nearby fruits and Cilan uses his chef skills to cook up a delicious meal. Wanting to eat seconds, Ash and Iris get up to get some, but are dismayed when there is no more food. In some nearby bushes, they find that the culprit is a Snivy. Excited about the opportunity to catch a Grass Pokemon, Ash sends out Pikachu to battle her. Ash ends up protecting Pikachu from Snivy’s Vine Whip and Snivy runs away, but Ash is determined not to give up.

He sends Pidove to track down Snivy and continues to run through the forest. Ash finds himself mired in a marsh pit, but Iris and Cilan are there to rescue him. Meanwhile, Giovanni informs Team Rocket that a Unova-based secret organization might be alerted to their presence and recommends them to use caution. Jessie spots Snivy in the bushes and attempts to catch her, but she evades Jessie. Snivy decides to take a nap on a hill and Pidove is able to track her.

Upon spotting Snivy, Ash’s Oshawott is exciting and ready to battle despite the type disadvantage. Oshawott is unsuccessful, becoming immobile due to Attract. Our heroes chase Snivy to a stream and Ash sends out his Tepig to battle. Tepig is also immobilized by love which forces Ash to resort to his last unused Pokemon, Pidove. Pidove and Snivy fight a hard battle, but in the end, Ash is victorious and finally catches the elusive Snivy.

I didn’t think I would enjoy watching the new anime as much as I have been. If any of you are unsure, definitely try it out! On to the review, Cilan’s cooking abilities reminds me of Brock. I don’t know what’s up with Iris; she keeps belittling Ash. When Misty used to belittle Ash, he would get angry, but he is pretty chill in the Black and White series. I like his demeanor. It was predictable that Ash would end up catching a Snivy. After all, it would be a little strange to only catch 2 starters.
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The Older Pokemon Vs. The New Pokemon


Hello Pokemon Fans! Today I would like to discuss generation one vs. generation five. Now in my opinion I think all Pokemon games are amazing I will admit that, but all the Pokemon…not so much. First let me say this in generation one the designs of the Pokemon were outstanding! Along with the naming and battle moves. For example I will use the three starter Pokemon: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. Now I loved fire Pokemon (along with dragons) so I chose Charmander. Now Charmander to me was a pretty sweet Pokemon due to the fact that he was almost unstoppable unless against a water type. To me his best move as we progressed was flamethrower. Then he evolved into Charmeleon! Now I was not a fan of Charmeleon but I must say he was stronger and learned even better moves.

Anyways moving on, I thought that the detail was a little bit lazy since all they did was buff Charmander up, add a horn to his head, and rename him Charmeleon. In the end though I was happy for the last evolution was Charizard. Now I was very impressed for I thought he would look like a dinosaur (T-Rex), but no I was wrong he was transformed into an orange dragon with wings. Not only was he just a fire type now but a flying type now too! I must say he was very powerful to so I applaud Game Freak and Nintendo.
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Which Generation 5 Starter Did You Choose?

By Brandon Yeo

I think this would be an especially nostalgic topic for many of those who has bought the game and constantly pondering, who is the cutest? Who is the coolest? And who is the strongest? Well which of these matters and how did you choose your Gen V starter? I’m sure most of you would know the starters fairly well, but some quick introduction. First up is Snivy the grass snake Pokemon, seemingly sleek and elegant, his agility is especially evident in his high speed stats. Second is the water Otter, Oshawott, who seems to look sort comical, with a brown nose, blue ears and a seemingly blue (Jacket?). Most distinct is of course his removable scalchop on his stomach. Lastly, the fire pig Pokemon, Tepig. A typical pig, seeming like its other species counterparts with a curly tail but with a fiery taste attached.

Just so you know, my first unanimous pick was Oshawott. As the Best Wishes series started before the B&W game was released, I was already exposed to his comical appearance and charm that influenced me to choosing him as a starter. Being one of my main collections as well, it would be weird just not to pick him. Apart from my bias of course, his looks is one that is clearly unique, especially with his scalchop, something that most Pokemon can’t do apart from others like Dwebble with his removable shell. Well many while choosing their starters, might also consider their evolutions, I did too, but it wasn’t a very big deciding factor. Before I watched the Best Wishes series and before the game came out, I was debating whether to choose between Snivy or Oshawott as Snivy evolves into an awesome grass (snake dragon?), something that hasn’t been done in a long time apart from Charizard. Then comes Samurott, although the problem is I have no clear idea what he is or what animal or mythical creature he is based on since he doesn’t seem to look anywhere close to an Otter. But his two removable swords changed it all, with his trusty moustache, it made him look all the more deadly. I never really considered Tepig as firstly I usually chose the grass types, from Bulbasaur all the way to Turtwig and secondly, I don’t fancy oversized pigs very much. Lastly, he seems to pale in comparison to his water and grass counterparts.
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Pokemon Hidden Abilities

By Matt

Formerly called Dream World Abilities, Hidden Abilities add another twist to Pokemon. It’s not another game mechanic, but a new feature. But what are Hidden Abilities? They are abilities that differ from a Pokemon’s normal ability. For example, Snivy’s Hidden Ability is Contrary, a new Ability introduced in Generation V which reverses the effects of stat changes. For example, if Snivy is hit by a move like Growl, which lowers Attack, it would now raise its Attack. However, to get this unique brand of Snivy, you would have to be lucky enough to encounter it in the Dream World, and befriend it, of course. The Pokemon can also inherit different Abilities if it evolves. Its evolution may have different Abilities, but it does not happen too often. The Hidden Ability may either be helpful or harmful, depending on the Pokemon. I’ve already given an example: Snivy’s Contrary, which passes on to Servine and Serperior, will prevent against stat-changing moves. An example of a harmful Hidden Ability is Klutz, which prevents the Pokemon from using all hold items that do not deal with experience (EXP Share, Macho Brace, etc.).

The TV in the game which broadcasts the show “What’s That?” says that a Pokemon with Klutz could even hold an Iron Ball without being weighed down. However, Hidden Abilities may not be able to be passed on by breeding, since certain Pokemon found in the Dream World are males. If you’re knowledgeable on breeding, you would know that only female Pokemon can pass their Ability (in this case, Hidden Ability) to their offspring. Also, Pokemon that are genderless, such as Porygon-Z, cannot breed. A comprehensive list of Pokemon with their Hidden Abilites, as well as their availability as females can be found in Serebii. The most Pokemon that are coveted are starters, but as of now, their Abilities cannot be passed down. Therefore, EV training at level 10 should be sufficient, even though the nature may be incorrect. Currently, Johto starters are the only ones that are not available through the Dream World, and countries outside of Japan are still waiting to get more kinds of Pokemon.
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All About Pokemon Snivy, Servine, And Serperior

By Emily

Snivy and its evolutions seem to carry the usual burdens of most other Grass type starters. They are the most difficult to use through the game to beat the storyline and the good stats but move pool leave the Pokemon with too much untapped potential. However, they have one good thing going for them that can potentially change the metagame – their Dream World ability.

What makes this trio of Pokemon, mostly Serperior, so great is the Contrary ability. Inverting which stats are raised and lowered means Leaf Storm will become increasingly stronger each turn due to the sharp increase in Special Attack every time it is used. Plus opponents would have to choose moves wisely to make sure that none of their attacks would benefit one or more of Serperior’s stats. If Snivy is ever made available over the Global Link through an event the battling metagame will be drastically changed in order to use and counter the new immensely powerful Serperior.
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For The Player And Collector: Pokemon Black And White

By The Pidgeot

Hello again and I am back with another set to talk about. This time it is the newest expansion and addition to pokemon Black and White. This set’s cards are based on the new pokemon from the Unova Region, like the new starters, Oshawatt, Tepig, and Snivy. This set is a great expansion to both players and collectors of the pokemon world. For the players there are many new trainers and supporters added to the game and also there are new pokemon with awesome abilities. And for the collectors out there this set has two amazing full art pokemon cards to find. I will be talking about everything that a player and collector may like and not like about this set.

Let me start with the negative aspects of this set on both the sides of the competitive player and serious collector. For the player there are a few cards that render useless in the addition of pokemon cards. Unfezant is a good example as one of the few cards that seem useless to be put into a deck. It has an attack that needs three energy to use and only does 70 damage to the opposing pokemon with no added effect. For any pokemon card collectors out there, there is really nothing bad or negative that I have to say about this set. Except for the fact that there is one set of pokemon that does not come with the second stage evolution. With that lets move on to the positive side of this set.
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Unova Starters And Evolutions: The Snivy Line

By Jo

It’s smart, calm, and has a bit of an attitude problem. Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon, is the Unova region’s grass-type starter. Being swift and agile, it can take hits rather well (or avoid them most of the time) without breaking a sweat. Its design is most-likely based off from the Green Vine Snake that inhabits Central and South America, though it also resembles the Neoseps – a type of skink that has short, stubby arms and legs.

Snivy starts out as a small, snide creature that is very witty. Because of its appearance and the idea of it looking down on others, fans of the franchise case up with a name for it, dubbing it “Smugleaf”, before any of the starters’ official names had been released. “Smugleaf” was quickly picked up on and eventually even a few English magazines used the fan-given name to refer to the little Pokémon. The name Snivy most-likely originates from the words “ivy”, “snide”, and “snake”.
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Fifth Generation Pokemon Center Plush

By Emily

Usually Pokemon Center plush are associated with the small chibi-fied Pokedolls. Regular plush were introduced bit by bit, but never in a high quantity. Not until the release of Black and White. Along with the classic Pokedoll plush, the Pokemon Center also started to release new plush toys that look more true-to-life, and they have been a huge hit ever since.

The first set of the new plush was on the day Pokemon Black and White were released, and featured two types of plush. There were two large plush of Reshiram and Zekrom, both of which are roughly twelve inches tall. Smaller plush were also released and featured the starters along with some of the heavily-advertised Pokemon like Minccino and Axew. In total one dozen new plush were available, with the large plush costing 3300 yen and the small plush being 1200 yen, more than the price of a regular Pokedoll. Three large, life-size plush were also released of the three starters. The life-size plush were nearly two feet tall, with Pokabu being about that long length-wise, and have been the most expensive plush to be sold in the stores. The large plush were extremely popular and other Pokemon have been made into this style of plush in recent times thanks to the original success of these three.
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