The Battle Club And Tepig’s Choice Summary And Review


Hey guys! I’m going to summarize and review the 4th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash and Iris are continuing on their journey to Striaton City, but make a stop at Accumula Town. Ash is disappointed because there isn’t a Pokemon gym there, but quickly cheers up when Iris tells him of the Pokemon Battle Club. Upon entering the gym, a battle between Servine and Dewott is underway. Servine is knocked out and that is when the owner, Don George, welcomes our heroes. Ash is challenged by the Dewott’s trainer, but they are unable to finish their match due to a break-in.

Don George and the others take a look at the security tapes, to find that a mysterious black and thin Pokemon and Team Rocket were in the storage. Everyone thinks that the mysterious Pokemon is an Umbreon, and they are excited to find it. Team Rocket eavesdrops and paints up Meowth to look like Umbreon to distract the Battle Club members. Meanwhile, Ash and Iris make a trail of Pokemon food to lure the mysterious culprit. Ash spots a Tepig and discovers that it is the mysterious Pokemon. While Ash is in pursuit of Tepig, Pikachu and Oshawott get into a small scuffle.

Ash finally catches up to Tepig and explains the story to everyone else. Things are finally going back to normal when Team Rocket is spotted stealing Ash’s Pikachu. Although Tepig was abandoned by his former trainer, he is determined to prove himself and saves Pikachu from the clutches of Team Rocket. The episode ends with Tepig joining Ash.
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All About Pokemon Snivy, Servine, And Serperior

By Emily

Snivy and its evolutions seem to carry the usual burdens of most other Grass type starters. They are the most difficult to use through the game to beat the storyline and the good stats but move pool leave the Pokemon with too much untapped potential. However, they have one good thing going for them that can potentially change the metagame – their Dream World ability.

What makes this trio of Pokemon, mostly Serperior, so great is the Contrary ability. Inverting which stats are raised and lowered means Leaf Storm will become increasingly stronger each turn due to the sharp increase in Special Attack every time it is used. Plus opponents would have to choose moves wisely to make sure that none of their attacks would benefit one or more of Serperior’s stats. If Snivy is ever made available over the Global Link through an event the battling metagame will be drastically changed in order to use and counter the new immensely powerful Serperior.
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Unova Starters And Evolutions: The Snivy Line

By Jo

It’s smart, calm, and has a bit of an attitude problem. Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon, is the Unova region’s grass-type starter. Being swift and agile, it can take hits rather well (or avoid them most of the time) without breaking a sweat. Its design is most-likely based off from the Green Vine Snake that inhabits Central and South America, though it also resembles the Neoseps – a type of skink that has short, stubby arms and legs.

Snivy starts out as a small, snide creature that is very witty. Because of its appearance and the idea of it looking down on others, fans of the franchise case up with a name for it, dubbing it “Smugleaf”, before any of the starters’ official names had been released. “Smugleaf” was quickly picked up on and eventually even a few English magazines used the fan-given name to refer to the little Pokémon. The name Snivy most-likely originates from the words “ivy”, “snide”, and “snake”.
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