Pokemon Attacks And Natures #2

By Harry Ackerman

Everywhere you see articles and charts etc, on what a Pokemon’s best nature would be, but what if your Pokemon doesn’t have that one specific nature then what are some other good natures for it? In article I’ll talk about other good natures, bad ones, and some really good moves (or at least in my opinion) for each Pokemon to have. 🙂

Just keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate because the most beneficial nature for a Pokemon to have can be highly dependent on what moves you teach it.

This time I’ll talk about Serperior, Zoroark, Charizard, and Umbreon. 🙂

So first of all Serperior,

Serperior’s base Attack and base Special Attack are both equal, so it’s up to you which you base it’s attacks around, or you can use both stats if you want. Speed is Serperior’s best stat though so any Nature that is boosting speed is probably going to be good for it, unless it’s lowering the type of attack (physical or special) that your Serperior uses the most, then not so much.

Unfortunately Serperior doesn’t learn many cool moves while leveling up and has a terrible overall move set. They’re aren’t many awesome TM or HM attacks it can learn either. You could teach it Aerial Ace to get rid of the bug types that would try to take a bite out of Serperior, and of course you’re going to want to teach your Serperior Leaf Blade or Giga Drain (both it learns by leveling up). I taught mine both, which is always an option as well. 😉 Also if you can manage to teach Serperior Glare (which can only be taught by breeding) that’s an awesome move because it can even paralyze a ground type Pokemon since Glare is normal type.

If you can some how get a Serperior or one if it’s evolutions from the dream world that’s awesome too, because of the Pokemon’s dream world ability Contrary (hopefully there will be a special event soon to get one). Contrary makes moves that lower stats raise them instead, and vice-versa. In which case it would be very beneficial for your Serperior to have a Special Attack boosting nature, because with Contrary you have to teach your Serperior Leaf Storm (which is learned at level 62). Because with that ability each time you use Leaf Storm instead of it lowering your special attack like it normally would, it raises the stat instead. Just think how powerful that attack would get after a couple uses?

Next Zoroark,

Zoroark has very high Attack and Special Attack stats (higher Special Attack) but sadly very low defenses. I’d find it best for your Zoroark to have a neutral nature if it doesn’t have a nature recommended by something/someone. If a stat is boosted though, the best one would probably be Special Attack. As for the lowered stat you do not want it to be one of Zoroark’s defenses, and definitely not it’s physical defense (i made that mistake… 🙁 ).

As for attacks, despite Zoroark’s higher Special Attack it learns ALOT of physical moves while leveling up. In fact Zoroark doesn’t learn a special attack until level 64 when it learns Night Daze. But some good moves to teach it when leveling up are Foul Play, and Night Slash.

Just because Zoroark doesn’t learn a special attack until level 64 doesn’t mean having a Special Attack boosting nature wouldn’t be beneficial. Zoroark can learn a few awesome moves with TMs that a dark type couldn’t normally learn; one of them being Flamethrower.

Some other good TM moves to teach Zoroark are Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, and if you want Focus Blast (or Low Sweep if you want a physical fighting attack). Aerial Ace works well to get rid of any annoying Fighting or Bug type that would try to hurt Zoroark, and then the variety of attack types coupled with Illusion can catch really your opponent off guard.
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All About Pokemon Snivy, Servine, And Serperior

By Emily

Snivy and its evolutions seem to carry the usual burdens of most other Grass type starters. They are the most difficult to use through the game to beat the storyline and the good stats but move pool leave the Pokemon with too much untapped potential. However, they have one good thing going for them that can potentially change the metagame – their Dream World ability.

What makes this trio of Pokemon, mostly Serperior, so great is the Contrary ability. Inverting which stats are raised and lowered means Leaf Storm will become increasingly stronger each turn due to the sharp increase in Special Attack every time it is used. Plus opponents would have to choose moves wisely to make sure that none of their attacks would benefit one or more of Serperior’s stats. If Snivy is ever made available over the Global Link through an event the battling metagame will be drastically changed in order to use and counter the new immensely powerful Serperior.
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Serperior Team Guide

By Jacob

How to create an Ultimate Pokemon team – Using Serperior as your starter

With over 600 Pokemon to choose from, deciding on just six can be quite a daunting task; especially for a beginner. In order to make the best possible choices when deciding on which ones to take along on your journey, this guide will give helpful tips as well as ways to better your already selected party.

For many players, their starter Pokemon (such as Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig in the new Unova region), is always an essential member to any ultimate Pokemon party. However, the use of certain multi-type starter Pokemon (Such as Blaziken and Emboar: being Fire and fighting types) can be a downside. While it may give them more advantages in battle, a fair majority of the time it makes Pokemon more susceptible to a quicker K.O. However weather or not to use such Pokemon is entirely up to you.

Now the best way to create a Pokemon party is to select one Pokemon and build a team around it. The easiest of which to do would be to start with any starter Pokemon. In honor of the release of the new Pokemon Black and White, I will be making teams around one of the final evolutions of the Unova starters (Serperior, Samurott, and Emboar).
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Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Figures

By Emily

Tomy figures are almost synonymous with Pokemon – they’re one of the longest running series of Pokemon merchandise. Ever since the days of Red, Blue, and Green we’ve had these small plastic figures, and almost every character has one. People from the first era of Pokemon can usually recall the somewhat white-washed figures that usually came with the little Gameboy laucher or clear plastic Masterball. But now, over fifteen years since the original debut of the series, Takara Tomy has introduced many variants to these toys, and continues to do so with the fifth generation.

Only Zorua and Zoroark have currently been made as movie-exclusive clear figures. These figures are somewhat rare and only available at movie theaters while the movie was being aired. With the newest movies coming to theaters soon, Victini along with many other Pokemon will likely have a clear version of their normal figure made.
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Unova Starters And Evolutions: The Snivy Line

By Jo

It’s smart, calm, and has a bit of an attitude problem. Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon, is the Unova region’s grass-type starter. Being swift and agile, it can take hits rather well (or avoid them most of the time) without breaking a sweat. Its design is most-likely based off from the Green Vine Snake that inhabits Central and South America, though it also resembles the Neoseps – a type of skink that has short, stubby arms and legs.

Snivy starts out as a small, snide creature that is very witty. Because of its appearance and the idea of it looking down on others, fans of the franchise case up with a name for it, dubbing it “Smugleaf”, before any of the starters’ official names had been released. “Smugleaf” was quickly picked up on and eventually even a few English magazines used the fan-given name to refer to the little Pokémon. The name Snivy most-likely originates from the words “ivy”, “snide”, and “snake”.
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The Top 5 Cards of Black and White: Playability

By Kenny Wisdom

Hey folks, Kenny Wisdom here again, this time I’ll be talking about the top 5 most playable cards in the new English Black and White set. Note that I’m talking purely about their viability in tournaments, and not how the card art looks or how much I like the Pokemon, or anything of that sort. Next week I’ll be bringing a similar article focusing on the top 5 cards with the best art in the set, but for now I’m purely looking at power level.

It’s also important to note that I’m not counting re-prints in my estimation. Pokemon Communication is certainly a fantastic card, but it’s not new to this set, and therefore not eligible to be included on this list. Without further ado, let’s begin.
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Pokemon Serperior Samurott Emboar Pokedoll Plushies

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released 3 new Pokedolls today. They are Serperior, Samurott and Emboar. These Pokedolls are larger than normal size. It is about twice the size of a normal Pokedoll and of course about twice the cost. It is one of the large size Pokedolls, similar to Reshiram and Zekrom that were released last month.

Check out my video of the 3 new Pokedolls on youtube if you want to see them up close and the size compared to a normal size Pokedoll.
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