Pokemon Serperior Samurott Emboar Pokedoll Plushies

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released 3 new Pokedolls today. They are Serperior, Samurott and Emboar. These Pokedolls are larger than normal size. It is about twice the size of a normal Pokedoll and of course about twice the cost. It is one of the large size Pokedolls, similar to Reshiram and Zekrom that were released last month.

Check out my video of the 3 new Pokedolls on youtube if you want to see them up close and the size compared to a normal size Pokedoll.

Serperior Pokedoll
Serperior Pokedoll

The Pokemon Serperior Pokedoll, or Jalorda as it is called in Japanese is about 9.25″ or 24cm tall. It is smaller than the large plushie version that was made of Serperior a few months ago, but it is about twice the size of a normal Pokedoll.

It is very soft and has velvet type fur. The eyes are very well made. It has nice orange, white and black stitching on the eyes. It has nice flexible ears and a collar that are made of soft material. The body is stitched with green and shiny gold stitching.

Its tail can be moved around. It doesn’t have a wire inside like the Gyarados plush toy that came out a couple years ago, but you can bend it around.

Serperior is a little difficult to get to stand up unless you tuck its tail under the front part of its body. Then it stands up by itself. It comes with the Pokedoll official tag.

Samurott Pokedoll
Samurott Pokedoll

The Pokemon Samurott Pokedoll, or Daikenki as it is commonly referred to in Japanese is approximately 8.25″ or 21cm tall. It is also made of very soft velvet like material. It is smaller than the large plush version of Samurott that was sold at the Pokemon Center a few months ago, but it is about twice the size of a normal Pokedoll.

Samurott can stand up on its own four legs. It has a very soft horn that sticks out from the front of its head. The eyes are very nicely stitched with orange, black and white.  It also has very nice shiny gold stitching around the armour on its legs.

The only complaint I have about this plushie is the fact that the whiskers are thin and soft and tend to bend either up or down. They don’t seem to stay straight. I think its just the way that it is made, but in my opinion it would be a little better if the whiskers would be more stiff and stay straight. It comes with the Pokedoll official tag.

Emboar Pokedoll
Emboar Pokedoll

The Pokemon¬† Emboar Pokedoll, or Enbuoh as it is known in Japanese is about 6.25″ or 16cm tall. It comes in a sitting position and can sit on its own without falling backwards. The eyes are nicely stitched in red and white color.

Its nose is very cute and it has tiny claws or fingernails that are made of soft material that stick out of its arms. On the top of its head it has wing-like flames that are also made of soft material.

Its arms can move around as they are quite flexible, but its legs are stationary. It has nice yellow, red and brown stitching on its body. The tail is also flexible and able to be moved around.  The body is a soft velvet like material similar to the other two Pokedolls. It comes with the Pokedoll official tag.

All three of these Pokedoll plushies will only be available for a very short time. They were made in very short supply and are extremely popular.

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