Traveling Companion

By Pheonixxfoxx

Pokedolls are all the rage, but I never really understood why! Well, not until I got my Giratina Origin Form Pokedoll, whom I named Pickles, almost 2 years ago! Pickles came from Nintendo World in New York, a fellow Pokemon collector decided to do a Pokedoll run, to help fellow collectors get their hands on those long sought after Pokedolls. For some reason, I was compelled to have my name added to the list for both a Giratina Origin Form and Shadow Lugia Pokedoll, though I did not really collect either Pokemon. Sadly, Shadow Lugia was out of stock, but I still gladly paid for Giratina Origin Form.

Giratina Pokedoll
Pickles- Giratina Origin Pokedoll

The moment I pulled Pickles out of the bubble envelope, it was love at first sight! Those little red eyes, that chibi fat wormy shape, and soft fabric! I was soon hooked on not just Pokedolls, but Giratina Origin Form! I now have a collection that consists of over 100 Giratina Origin Form items from official merchandise to custom works! Of course, there is still much more that I am seeking for my collection!

Not only was Pickles the start of my Giratina Origin collection, but she is also my travel buddy! Yes, here I am a 30 year old grown woman and I take my Giratina Origin Form Pokedoll everywhere that my boyfriend and I travel to! Age is just a number; one is never too old or too young, to enjoy Pokemon and all that it has to offer!

Giratina Origin Pokedoll
Pickles In Las Vegas

So far Pickles has been to Missouri, on a cruise to the Caribbean, Vegas, and even Atlantic City. She is a constant reminder of all the adventures my boyfriend and I have been on.

Later this year, Pickles will be making her first ever visit to California! I always make sure that I photograph Pickles on her numerous outings too, the photos make for fun memorable posts to sites like Facebook and Livejournal!

Now what are you waiting for! Everyone needs a travel buddy of their own and what better traveling companion than a Pokedoll!

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