Last Minute Event Rush

By Emily

With less than a month to go before Pokemon Black and White is available all over the world, a lot of important Pokemon events are being distributed in a very short time frame. At least one regular year’s worth of events have been crammed into only about two months, and in even less time for some countries.

Almost all of the events currently being distributed are important for getting exclusive Pokemon in Black and White. The shiny Suicune, Entei, and Raikou are necessary for being able to battle Zoroark in Illusion Forest. In the United States these event Pokemon were available at Gamestop stores across the nation. For European countries these Pokemon are being distributed one at a time over Wi-Fi and have a very short distribution time of one week per Pokemon. Since the European versions of the event are available over Wi-Fi, it gives people in the United States a second opportunity to get the events if they missed the Gamestop distributions. While we have the ability to download all three, when these events were available in Japan only one Pokemon could be obtained at a time because each Pokemon required a pre-order ticket to receive.

Celebi is the other important event Pokemon that is slated to be distributed or is already available. Celebi is important for two main reasons, one being that with this Celebi you can obtain Zorua from a child in Castelia City. The event is also important because it is the only legit Celebi event for all of Europe. Only Japan and the United States have had a Celebi event for the third generation games, which left Europe lacking this Pokemon. So for many people, this Celebi is an event that can’t be missed. A few countries in Europe have it available for download at various video game stores, and it will be available soon in other countries. In the United States it will be available at Gamestop starting at the end of February and will be available up until the release date of Black and White. Now people will have something to do while they wait to pick up their games.

Ash’s Pikachu isn’t necessarily important for activating any special events, but it is currently available at Toys R Us in the United States and Canada. This event might not seem as important as the shiny beast trio or Celebi, but it is one of the few fourth generation events left before Black and White. Skipping this event may not be a good idea if you have the opportunity since it will never be available again once the fifth generation events start.

The line of unique Pokemon doesn’t stop with the release of Black and White. The day the games are available a new item event will be accessible over Wi-Fi. The key item Liberty Pass will activate the Victini event where you sail to Liberty Garden Island, battle some Team Plasma grunts, and then can battle and capture Victini. Definitely a good first event for the fifth generation.

The current flood of new event Pokemon is a great way to end the fourth generation’s reign. Both old and new players benefit and people will have a chance to collect some unique Pokemon and discover even more with the first fifth generation games.

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