The Pros And Cons Of Zoroark

By Pokay G

Have you ever heard of Zoroark? In the trading card game, it has a move called Foul Play that allows it to use any of the opponent’s moves for only a two energy cost. Looking at cards from the Emerging Powers Pokemon card set, it is very good against Beartic. Foul Play can let Zoroark use the bear’s Sheer Cold attack, which does 50 damage. The downside to this attack for the arctic bear is that it cannot attack on the next turn, unless it retreats. However, Beartic has a massive retreat cost of four energy cards. Zoroark won’t be able to attack on the next turn either, but he only has to discard one energy card to retreat.

Another example of the power of Foul Play is how well it works against RDL (Rayquaza Deoxys Legend). The legendary Pokemon card features an attack called Ozone Buster that does 150 damage. RDL needs three energy cards to use it, but Zoroark can use it against RDL to defeat the legend and take two prize cards for the win!

When wouldn’t you use Zoroark? It’s not a good choice when up against your opponent’s weak or basic Pokemon that do not have any strong attacks listed. The dark dog is a small beast that can take out bigger foes.

Zoroark is also very good when running a Stage 1 deck. These decks allow players to evolve quickly and knock out the competition very fast. The ideal game is winning six prizes in six turns with a Stage 1 deck. To reach this ultimate goal, some players are putting Donphan and Yanmega with Zoroark. When played, the key is to spread damage across the bench and come out strong with Foul Play when you’re up against a tank.

In a Stage 1 deck, another option to include is Cinccino. It’s a very good Normal-type Pokemon since its attack does massive damage with just one Double Colorless energy card. Becoming even more popular is Gliscor, which can deal 30 damage to the opposing Pokemon for just one fighting energy. Both of its attacks, Ninja Fang and Poison Jab are excellent. Low energy costs are crucial for a fast-winning deck and both of these choices offer a great boost for the energy bang.

Overall, any deck can be made better with this Dark-type on board.

Yes, it may have “broken” a.k.a. cheap beyond belief attacks, but Zoroark is here to stay. It will be played at many tournaments until it is no longer legal. If you do run it in your deck, watch out for Donphan and other fighting types. It is weak against them and can easily be dealt a one shot knock out by most of their heavy hitting attacks.

Finding a deck to quickly beat the Stage 1 strategy easily and consistently is a challenge, but it’s a challenge everyone going for World Champion has to take on head on. It takes a lot of practice, play testing and increasing knowledge of the game to come up with something outside of the Pokemon bandwagon. Hopefully this article has increased your understanding of both the pros and cons Zoroark has to offer. Good luck playing with him or going up against this beast.

When shopping around for this card, remember that there is more than one kind available. Read the card carefully and make sure it has the Foul Play attack. For card collectors, the artwork on the card could be rated at 8.5 out of 10. It looks cool and aggressive in both Holo and Reverse Holo forms.

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Pokemon Attacks And Natures #2

By Harry Ackerman

Everywhere you see articles and charts etc, on what a Pokemon’s best nature would be, but what if your Pokemon doesn’t have that one specific nature then what are some other good natures for it? In article I’ll talk about other good natures, bad ones, and some really good moves (or at least in my opinion) for each Pokemon to have. 🙂

Just keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate because the most beneficial nature for a Pokemon to have can be highly dependent on what moves you teach it.

This time I’ll talk about Serperior, Zoroark, Charizard, and Umbreon. 🙂

So first of all Serperior,

Serperior’s base Attack and base Special Attack are both equal, so it’s up to you which you base it’s attacks around, or you can use both stats if you want. Speed is Serperior’s best stat though so any Nature that is boosting speed is probably going to be good for it, unless it’s lowering the type of attack (physical or special) that your Serperior uses the most, then not so much.

Unfortunately Serperior doesn’t learn many cool moves while leveling up and has a terrible overall move set. They’re aren’t many awesome TM or HM attacks it can learn either. You could teach it Aerial Ace to get rid of the bug types that would try to take a bite out of Serperior, and of course you’re going to want to teach your Serperior Leaf Blade or Giga Drain (both it learns by leveling up). I taught mine both, which is always an option as well. 😉 Also if you can manage to teach Serperior Glare (which can only be taught by breeding) that’s an awesome move because it can even paralyze a ground type Pokemon since Glare is normal type.

If you can some how get a Serperior or one if it’s evolutions from the dream world that’s awesome too, because of the Pokemon’s dream world ability Contrary (hopefully there will be a special event soon to get one). Contrary makes moves that lower stats raise them instead, and vice-versa. In which case it would be very beneficial for your Serperior to have a Special Attack boosting nature, because with Contrary you have to teach your Serperior Leaf Storm (which is learned at level 62). Because with that ability each time you use Leaf Storm instead of it lowering your special attack like it normally would, it raises the stat instead. Just think how powerful that attack would get after a couple uses?

Next Zoroark,

Zoroark has very high Attack and Special Attack stats (higher Special Attack) but sadly very low defenses. I’d find it best for your Zoroark to have a neutral nature if it doesn’t have a nature recommended by something/someone. If a stat is boosted though, the best one would probably be Special Attack. As for the lowered stat you do not want it to be one of Zoroark’s defenses, and definitely not it’s physical defense (i made that mistake… 🙁 ).

As for attacks, despite Zoroark’s higher Special Attack it learns ALOT of physical moves while leveling up. In fact Zoroark doesn’t learn a special attack until level 64 when it learns Night Daze. But some good moves to teach it when leveling up are Foul Play, and Night Slash.

Just because Zoroark doesn’t learn a special attack until level 64 doesn’t mean having a Special Attack boosting nature wouldn’t be beneficial. Zoroark can learn a few awesome moves with TMs that a dark type couldn’t normally learn; one of them being Flamethrower.

Some other good TM moves to teach Zoroark are Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, and if you want Focus Blast (or Low Sweep if you want a physical fighting attack). Aerial Ace works well to get rid of any annoying Fighting or Bug type that would try to hurt Zoroark, and then the variety of attack types coupled with Illusion can catch really your opponent off guard.
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Zorua Is My Favorite Legendary

By Legendary Luna

Hello Poke Fans! This is Legendary Luna here to talk about my favorite legendary, Zorua! Now why is he my favorite you ask? Well first off he’s a fox and me being a huge wolf lover I also love foxes. Zorua is a dark type Pokemon who can change his appearance into any Pokemon! So it’s like you can have all the Pokemon with only one Pokemon right? Wrong! Only a true Pokemon master can capture them all. Any ways back to Zorua, in the Pokemon movie 13, Zoroark Master Of Illusions, little Zorua was a male Pokemon and with him being a legend I didn’t think that was allowed but he is awesome so he has an aception! Also in the movie he was the son of Zoroark, I didn’t know that until five months later (I feel so smart).

In the movie I thought that Zoroark was just a big brother or something so yes talk about failing with Pokemon movies :)! In the game on the other hand I have heard you can get female Zorua with the event celebi just like the how you get the Zorua in the game. I’m not ninety-nine percent sure if that’s true but I think it is. Now my favorite move of Zorua in the game is Night Daze, don’t ask why I just really like it for some reason. In the game when Zorua reaches level 30 he evolves into Zoroark but since you can get a Zoroark in the game I wouldn’t evolve him due to the fact that I think he’s just to cute! The normal coloring of Zorua is grey fur, red markings, and blue eyes, while the shiny Zorua has a darker grey fur tone, blue markings, and red eyes. The chance of getting a shiny Zorua is VERY RARE! So don’t get to down when you don’t get a shiny. And if you do get a shiny, then congrats! Also in the game I thought Zorua would speak English like he did in the movie. Nope once again I was wrong. Instead he spoke Zorua language also known as normal Pokemon language. I must say I’m not very good with the guessing game at all when it comes to games such as Pokemon.
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Zorua And Zoroark: The Trickster And The Illusionist

By Jo

Quite a few Pokemon are based off from the kitsune, tricky foxes from old Japanese legends. Some stories depict them as being clever and others say that they possess magical abilities that grow more powerful with age. Though most hold one thing in common; the kitsune are able to mask their appearance and change into different forms. Zorua and its evolved its evolved form, Zoroark, are interpretations of that legend.

Zorua is small and appears to be based off from a fox cub. According to its pokedex entries, Zorua masks its true identity with its illusions to protect itself from potential foes. Apparently, they often take on the appearance of a silent child. In the movie Zoroark: The Master of Illusions, a Zorua was depicted as being a bit mischievous and having trouble hiding its tail when creating illusions – a problem that young, inexperienced kitsune often face in the legends. The Tricky Fox Pokemon often laughs at those it tricks with its illusions, and enjoys snickering once it’s been reverted back to its usual form. In even the tightest of situations, it will chuckle at its adversary. Zorua’s ability, Illusion, also references the fact that it is based off from those tricky foxes from myth. It’s said that Zorua’s name comes from the words ‘zorro’, which means “fox” in Spanish, and ‘rua’, which is Irish for “red” (though refers to hair) so it most-likely references the red tufts of fur that it has.
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Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Figures

By Emily

Tomy figures are almost synonymous with Pokemon – they’re one of the longest running series of Pokemon merchandise. Ever since the days of Red, Blue, and Green we’ve had these small plastic figures, and almost every character has one. People from the first era of Pokemon can usually recall the somewhat white-washed figures that usually came with the little Gameboy laucher or clear plastic Masterball. But now, over fifteen years since the original debut of the series, Takara Tomy has introduced many variants to these toys, and continues to do so with the fifth generation.

Only Zorua and Zoroark have currently been made as movie-exclusive clear figures. These figures are somewhat rare and only available at movie theaters while the movie was being aired. With the newest movies coming to theaters soon, Victini along with many other Pokemon will likely have a clear version of their normal figure made.
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Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Plush

By Emily

One of the major producers of Pokemon collectables for Japan, Takara Tomy has created many unique items over the years, and continues to do so for the fifth generation. While they may not produce plush with as much variety as Banpresto, the quality of the plush is great enough to rival those from the official Pokemon Center line of plush. Takara Tomy also has an exclusive line of talking plush, which are very popular and sought-after.

The first plush for the fifth generation made by Takara Tomy were of Zorua and Zoroark because of the 13th Pokemon movie. Zoroark was a sizably large plush at nearly one foot tall, while Zorua was roughly seven inches tall. Two other Zorua plush were also released, and were the large and small talking plush. The large one was about the same size as the Zoroark plush, while the small one was about half the height and was made like a keychain with a small chain atop its head. In October, shortly after the release of Pokemon Black and White, Takara Tomy came out with another set of plush featuring three new Pokemon – Pidove, Axew, and Munna. The new plush were a little bigger than the Pokemon Center plush, and cost a small amount more.
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How To Get Zorua and Zoroark In Pokemon Black And White Versions

By Matt

Zorua and Zoroark, both of which are Illusion Fox Pokemon, were also one of the first few Pokemon to be introduced in Generation V. They can only be accessed through special events. In February and March of 2011, to promote Pokemon Black and White versions, there was an event in all GameStops that would allow to you to get both of these illusive Pokemon. The first event was to get Zoroark, the evolved Pokemon. (Unlike Manaphy and Phione, Zorua actually evolves into Zoroark, which saves a lot of confusion.) When you got to GameStop, you could use the Mystery Gift function to get a shiny Suicune, Entei, or. Each was available at one time for a very limited time range (maybe about 2 weeks). The process is similar to getting any other event Pokemon, like the Celebi. Just go to the Poke Mart, and the deliveryman will give you the Entei, Raikou, or Suicune.
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The Top 5 Cards of Black and White: Playability

By Kenny Wisdom

Hey folks, Kenny Wisdom here again, this time I’ll be talking about the top 5 most playable cards in the new English Black and White set. Note that I’m talking purely about their viability in tournaments, and not how the card art looks or how much I like the Pokemon, or anything of that sort. Next week I’ll be bringing a similar article focusing on the top 5 cards with the best art in the set, but for now I’m purely looking at power level.

It’s also important to note that I’m not counting re-prints in my estimation. Pokemon Communication is certainly a fantastic card, but it’s not new to this set, and therefore not eligible to be included on this list. Without further ado, let’s begin.
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How To Get Zoroark Using The Crowned Beasts

How to get Zoroark using the Crowned Beasts

The wait is over and Pokemon Black & White is now keeping you from sleeping at night. Though the excitement associated with a new Pokemon game is all I can think about, I can’t help but notice all the people that are infuriated and let-down by Pokemon Black & White. All over the internet people are fuming that, “they can’t get their Zoroark” or “Nintendo gave them a defective Event Pokemon”. Well, to those who are having trouble getting their awesome Zoroark, don’t throw your new game to the Pidgies just yet!
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All About Zoroark And Zorua Pokemon

By Emily

Zorua and Zoroark are two of the newest Pokemon from generation five, and are an incredibly unique pair. From abilities to attacks, these two bring many new aspects to the Pokemon Black and White games. These two were the main stars of the movie Zoroark – Master of Illusions, which has already aired in Japan and the United States. They are the only new characters to fully appear in the movie. They were also the first Pokemon of the newest generation to be officially revealed.

Illusion, the ability of both Zorua and Zoroark, makes them look like the last Pokemon in your party. Their attacks and such stay the same, but their appearance completely changes. With some luck, this ability can be of immense help in a battle against an in-game trainer since they may choose an attack that is not effective against the Dark type. But once these two receive a lot of damage, their Illusion ability will not work, so using them when they are at full health is the best idea. Continue reading “All About Zoroark And Zorua Pokemon”

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