How To Get Zorua and Zoroark In Pokemon Black And White Versions

By Matt

Zorua and Zoroark, both of which are Illusion Fox Pokemon, were also one of the first few Pokemon to be introduced in Generation V. They can only be accessed through special events. In February and March of 2011, to promote Pokemon Black and White versions, there was an event in all GameStops that would allow to you to get both of these illusive Pokemon. The first event was to get Zoroark, the evolved Pokemon. (Unlike Manaphy and Phione, Zorua actually evolves into Zoroark, which saves a lot of confusion.) When you got to GameStop, you could use the Mystery Gift function to get a shiny Suicune, Entei, or. Each was available at one time for a very limited time range (maybe about 2 weeks). The process is similar to getting any other event Pokemon, like the Celebi. Just go to the Poke Mart, and the deliveryman will give you the Entei, Raikou, or Suicune.

When you’ve transferred at least one of them to Black or White version via Poke Transfer, you can go to where Zoroark is hiding at. In Lostlorn Forest, there will be a girl waiting outside what seems to be a truck or trailer. When you get close enough, the girl will transform into Zoroark, and the battle will start. Since you have one of the Event legends in the first slot, you may have to switch, because Zoroark is centered on Attack and Special Attack. Since it is only level 25, compared to your legend’s 30, you can take it on easily.

Occasionally, it will transform into a different Pokemon (like another legend), but this is just a disguise. Contrary to popular belief, it does not change type; it will stay with the Dark-type, meaning Fighting- and Bug-type moves are super effective. Also, when in battle, Zoroark’s ability, Illusion, will change it into the last Pokemon in your party (if Zoroark is last, second to last). When it is hit, it will turn back into its original form, unlike this battle. You will be able to capture it when it reverts back to its true form; its information will say that you caught it at Lostlorn Forest, and it will be given a random nature.

Getting Zorua is a much easier task. The Event Celebi I wrote about earlier must be transferred to your Black or White version, and be in the first slot. Then, go to the GAME FREAK building in Castelia City. Normally, when you didn’t have a Celebi, a person would be there and tell you the legend of Zorua and Zoroark. Then, they would tell you that the “person” next to them would start blushing when the legend goes on about its adorableness. Zorua will turn into its regular form when you bring your Celebi out. The person there will keep it if you do not have enough space in your party. When you do, there will be no battle; just choose which Poke Ball you wish to use. It will be level 10, and can evolve into Zoroark at level 30, so there should be no stressing out about having to get both.

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