Pokemon Simulator

By Matt


A Pokemon Simulator is a program where you can control virtually every aspect of Pokemon. Sometimes,this may be used for competitive play and tournaments; for others, it is just to showcase their thinking skills when battling online against other trainers. The link above will give you the site with all the details. When you download the program, you will find a couple of options. Click the first one, which is the Team Builder. This will lead you to a Pokemon customization page where you can choose your Pokemon, its level, base stats, hold items, possible moves, abilities, happiness, and change a lot of other aspects. Even the minor factors, like gender can be customized.

Looking farther in, you can change its nature manually by selecting from the drop-down list, or by right- and left-clicking certain stats to change what stat increases and decreases. IVs, which determine the type of Hidden Power, can be altered (they are all set to 31, the highest possible one; characteristics are not listed here). The EVs are listed too, along with the base stats (the level is automatically set to 100). You can add EVs, which are recommended for online battles. Happiness can be set from 0-255 (the default value is 0), making either Frustration or Return doing maximum damage. Even though it’s very tough to get maximum or minimum happiness and keep it that way, the simulator will keep it this way for you, so damage may be a little off when you use your real game.

Since Pokemon can’t move without a trainer, you can pick an avatar from the list. The options are limitless, since you can pick any sprite that has created since the beginning of Pokemon.

Choose a trainer name (real or fake, or one you use for forums), and fill in the forms below. I haven’t filled in a winning or losing message, because I’m afraid of offending people, and I’m against competitive battling. There are various servers when you connect, the first one to try should be the official Pokemon Online server, then try around various servers and make new friends or rivals. People who also go online to battle will usually brag about their strategies in the chat room; I was able to pick up some good strategies for a few minutes.

Someone said that their Pokemon’s HP was low and they used Destiny Bond. Then, the next turn, they got hit with Aqua Jet (a very weak move meant to stall, or, most of the time, to take out the last of a Pokemon’s HP) and took the opponent down with them. People also ask minor questions about Tiers, since your team will decide what Tier you fall into. Tiers rank Pokemon by their stats. Usually, legendary Pokemon are classified as Ubers, which are banned in most battles because of their mighty strength. There are some exceptions to the rule, and even ordinary Pokemon like Wobbuffet are classified as Ubers. After this comes over used, never used, and so on. Maybe it is not strength that matters, but strategy. The simulator will increase your thinking of game mechanics, and you can use them to your advantage.




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