Pokemon Battle Subway

By Matt

Located at the front of Nimbasa City, the Battle Subway is another way to test your Pokemons’ abilities. The Battle Subway is very similar to the Battle Frontier and Battle Tower of other previous games. You can take on Single, Double, and even play cooperatively with a friend with Infrared Connection or DS Wireless Communications. The Wi-Fi Train can also be used for battling trainers’ rosters from online. (Sometimes, they use hacks, which allow them to get Pokemon like Shiny Zoroark, but this should be no problem, unless, of course, it is EV trained.) Like the Battle Frontier or Battle Tower, you will need to defeat seven trainers consecutively to earn Battle Points, or BP. Unfortunately, since the Battle Subway does not support Triple Battle Trains, you will have to wait for another game, or just be content with either Single or Double.

There are other trains called Super Trains, which are unlocked after you defeat the Subway boss (I think it is by winning 21 battles in a row). BP will be accumulated over time, allowing you to earn more prizes from the clerks at the prize booth. The prizes range from specific hold items to TMs, the most expensive one being 48 BP. That means you will have to win a regular Train 16 times (that’s 112 Pokemon!) to get a hold item. But, this may be worth it, since there are a variety of items, and each has its own unique ability. The only exception is the Rare Candy, which gives only 1 free level up for every 16 battles you win. One-time use items, like the Power Herb, may be used only once; I’m not sure, since I haven’t bought one yet.

On the Trains, you will meet various trainers who you will have to defeat in order to progress. The options that you have after winning are the same: Continue, to keep going on; Record, to save the last battle as a Battle Video in your Vs. Recorder; Rest, to save the game and keep going the next time you play; or Retire, which is to quit. Your winning streak will also be shown: the more trainers you defeat in a row, the harder and more strategic the next trainers will be. There are some Pokemon that have been banned from the Subway; these are mainly legends, and you will know if you try to enter them in. All Pokemon will also be set to level 50, unless it is below level 50; it will stay at that level.

To make things go a little faster, you may want to turn the Battle Scene off, but be careful, as this takes away the liveliness we know which is Pokemon. Although the animations of the Pokemon won’t stop, the moves will, and everything will become less suspenseful. Once you have won seven Trainers, the Train will stop, and the Subway worker will give you 3 BP. He will also ask if you want to continue, or go back to Nimbasa City. You can choose the third one, to rest, too, if you want. If you go back to Nimbasa, you will not lose your winning streak; it will be saved for the next time you challenge the Subway. Good luck with becoming the best Trainer in the Subway!


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