Pokemon Re-Ment Floral Cup Figures Vol. 2 Release In Japan

Re-Ment Company just released the Floral Cup Figures Vol. 2 in Japan. This is a very popular series featuring figures in cups and pots. The first series was released back in 2018. After a year wait, they finally released the second series.

Each box comes with a random figure and a small piece of gum.  The Pokemon characters featured in vol. 2 are Zorua, Ninetales, Piplup, Bellossom, Pikachu and Cleffa/Togepi.







These figures are all about 2″ (5cm) tall and are only sold in Japan for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. You can buy them directly from Japan on Pokevault while supplies lasts.



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Talking Zorua Plush Review

By Legendary Luna

Hello Pokemon fans! It is once again Legendary Luna and this time writing a review on the talking Zorua plush! Today I got my Zorua from hardrock-Pokemon.com and I must say I love him! He is really soft and bigger than what I expected. Now I know a little Japanese so I know what he’s saying so lucky me! Any ways I bought Zorua because I got a keychain one but I wanted the one that where you touch him he talks in Japanese.

The cutest thing about him is his laugh. As soon as I saw a YouTube video with him laughing I knew it was a must buy for my collection! The softest part on him is his ruff. I love petting his ruff because; well like I said it’s soft. Now in my last article I wrote about how I love Zorua and Zoroark (mostly Zorua though), well I paid one hundred twenty five American dollars for him.

His stitching is absolutely amazing! There is not one flaw with him that I have found so congratulations Japan for winning my heart with Zorua! Now when and if you make a life size Zorua plush, I will move there as soon as possible and buy him! Or just have the amazing Brian get him and then buy him from Brian XD! Brian you rock and thank you once again for going out and getting my talking Zorua for me ;). I still owe you big time for this. The coloring of the fabric in which Zorua is made of is dead on with perfect coloring. I swear he looks so real! He sits up perfectly with no faults of falling over.
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Zorua Is My Favorite Legendary

By Legendary Luna

Hello Poke Fans! This is Legendary Luna here to talk about my favorite legendary, Zorua! Now why is he my favorite you ask? Well first off he’s a fox and me being a huge wolf lover I also love foxes. Zorua is a dark type Pokemon who can change his appearance into any Pokemon! So it’s like you can have all the Pokemon with only one Pokemon right? Wrong! Only a true Pokemon master can capture them all. Any ways back to Zorua, in the Pokemon movie 13, Zoroark Master Of Illusions, little Zorua was a male Pokemon and with him being a legend I didn’t think that was allowed but he is awesome so he has an aception! Also in the movie he was the son of Zoroark, I didn’t know that until five months later (I feel so smart).

In the movie I thought that Zoroark was just a big brother or something so yes talk about failing with Pokemon movies :)! In the game on the other hand I have heard you can get female Zorua with the event celebi just like the how you get the Zorua in the game. I’m not ninety-nine percent sure if that’s true but I think it is. Now my favorite move of Zorua in the game is Night Daze, don’t ask why I just really like it for some reason. In the game when Zorua reaches level 30 he evolves into Zoroark but since you can get a Zoroark in the game I wouldn’t evolve him due to the fact that I think he’s just to cute! The normal coloring of Zorua is grey fur, red markings, and blue eyes, while the shiny Zorua has a darker grey fur tone, blue markings, and red eyes. The chance of getting a shiny Zorua is VERY RARE! So don’t get to down when you don’t get a shiny. And if you do get a shiny, then congrats! Also in the game I thought Zorua would speak English like he did in the movie. Nope once again I was wrong. Instead he spoke Zorua language also known as normal Pokemon language. I must say I’m not very good with the guessing game at all when it comes to games such as Pokemon.
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Zorua And Zoroark: The Trickster And The Illusionist

By Jo

Quite a few Pokemon are based off from the kitsune, tricky foxes from old Japanese legends. Some stories depict them as being clever and others say that they possess magical abilities that grow more powerful with age. Though most hold one thing in common; the kitsune are able to mask their appearance and change into different forms. Zorua and its evolved its evolved form, Zoroark, are interpretations of that legend.

Zorua is small and appears to be based off from a fox cub. According to its pokedex entries, Zorua masks its true identity with its illusions to protect itself from potential foes. Apparently, they often take on the appearance of a silent child. In the movie Zoroark: The Master of Illusions, a Zorua was depicted as being a bit mischievous and having trouble hiding its tail when creating illusions – a problem that young, inexperienced kitsune often face in the legends. The Tricky Fox Pokemon often laughs at those it tricks with its illusions, and enjoys snickering once it’s been reverted back to its usual form. In even the tightest of situations, it will chuckle at its adversary. Zorua’s ability, Illusion, also references the fact that it is based off from those tricky foxes from myth. It’s said that Zorua’s name comes from the words ‘zorro’, which means “fox” in Spanish, and ‘rua’, which is Irish for “red” (though refers to hair) so it most-likely references the red tufts of fur that it has.
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How To Get Zorua and Zoroark In Pokemon Black And White Versions

By Matt

Zorua and Zoroark, both of which are Illusion Fox Pokemon, were also one of the first few Pokemon to be introduced in Generation V. They can only be accessed through special events. In February and March of 2011, to promote Pokemon Black and White versions, there was an event in all GameStops that would allow to you to get both of these illusive Pokemon. The first event was to get Zoroark, the evolved Pokemon. (Unlike Manaphy and Phione, Zorua actually evolves into Zoroark, which saves a lot of confusion.) When you got to GameStop, you could use the Mystery Gift function to get a shiny Suicune, Entei, or. Each was available at one time for a very limited time range (maybe about 2 weeks). The process is similar to getting any other event Pokemon, like the Celebi. Just go to the Poke Mart, and the deliveryman will give you the Entei, Raikou, or Suicune.
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How To Get Zorua Using The Event Celebi And The Relocator

How to get Zorua using Event Celebi and the Relocator

ZoruaZorua. Everybody’s favorite little Black & White teaser Pokemon. You’ve had him dangled in front of your face by Pokemon Sunday, and perhaps you even bough his Pokedoll at the 2011 US world Tour ( I know I did). Yet, you cannot seem to get him on your game; even after spending 30 minutes sitting in front of Gamestop trying to figure out how to get your event Celebi. Well don’t be frustrated, because I have provided a guide to demonstrate how to get Celebi to your new game using the Relocator, and meet your new foxy buddy.

What do I need to get Zorua?

1. Gamestop Celebi: You will need have grabbed a Celebi from a US Gamestop before March 10, 2011. If you did not receive your Celebi and would like to purchase one please scroll to the bottom of this article. It is unverified if another Celebi will work, please comment if you know more.
2. Two Nintendo DS systems: You are required to have 2 Nintendo DS systems are also required to complete the transfer; there is also no way to use Nintendo Wi-fi to do this. You will need two DS systems in close range of each other.
3. The Pokemon Relocator Confusion about obtaining Zorua has spawned from the odd fact that the player must use the Relocator, not the Poke-shifter, to activate the event. This is why when you use the Poke-shifter to try and send the event Pokemon to your game, it won’t work
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All About Zoroark And Zorua Pokemon

By Emily

Zorua and Zoroark are two of the newest Pokemon from generation five, and are an incredibly unique pair. From abilities to attacks, these two bring many new aspects to the Pokemon Black and White games. These two were the main stars of the movie Zoroark – Master of Illusions, which has already aired in Japan and the United States. They are the only new characters to fully appear in the movie. They were also the first Pokemon of the newest generation to be officially revealed.

Illusion, the ability of both Zorua and Zoroark, makes them look like the last Pokemon in your party. Their attacks and such stay the same, but their appearance completely changes. With some luck, this ability can be of immense help in a battle against an in-game trainer since they may choose an attack that is not effective against the Dark type. But once these two receive a lot of damage, their Illusion ability will not work, so using them when they are at full health is the best idea. Continue reading “All About Zoroark And Zorua Pokemon”

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Johto Region Pokemon Part 4

By Amanda

Lugia is a psychic and flying type legendary Pokemon, known as the diving Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan.  It has strong attacks like aeroblast, sky attack, and hydro pump.  Lugia starred in one of the Pokemon movies, being Pokemon movie 2000.  It helped Ash make it to Ice Island to get the third treasure to bring balance to the world.  It also starred in three episodes in Pokemon Master Quest season, where the parent Lugia was searching for its child. This is the first time seeing a child legendary Pokemon ever, where the child was kidnapped by Team Rocket, then captured its parent.  Ash and friends helped free the two Lugia and return them back to the wild.  Celebi is a psychic and grass type legendary Pokemon, being known as the time travel Pokemon, and known as Serebii in Japan.  It has the power to go back in time to the past, present, and future.  It has strong attacks like magical leaf, leaf storm, and future sight.
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Zoroark: Master of Illusions Movie Review

By Joey DiGiacomo

A must see Pokemon adventure, and one you do not want to miss. This movie brings us back to an earlier generation where Ash and his friends are back to simply have fun, but it soon goes wrong when the new Pokemon is released. The new Pokemon can change into anything that is around it, but seems to have a tail every time. This may be a movie you contemplate seeing, but just keep in mind, it is kind of an intro to the new generation and hopefully newer and better movies.

As we have seen in the earlier movies, the Pokemon are interactive and do not disappoint in the movie. We do not see any of the new Pokemon, but we do see the introduction of an exciting new Pokemon. This new Pokemon is named Zorua, and the evolved form of this is named Zoroark. Both of these new Pokemon show us the sort of Ditto like ability we have seen before, by that I mean they can transform into basically any living thing or object that they are around.
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Last Minute Event Rush

By Emily

With less than a month to go before Pokemon Black and White is available all over the world, a lot of important Pokemon events are being distributed in a very short time frame. At least one regular year’s worth of events have been crammed into only about two months, and in even less time for some countries.

Almost all of the events currently being distributed are important for getting exclusive Pokemon in Black and White. The shiny Suicune, Entei, and Raikou are necessary for being able to battle Zoroark in Illusion Forest. In the United States these event Pokemon were available at Gamestop stores across the nation. For European countries these Pokemon are being distributed one at a time over Wi-Fi and have a very short distribution time of one week per Pokemon. Since the European versions of the event are available over Wi-Fi, it gives people in the United States a second opportunity to get the events if they missed the Gamestop distributions. While we have the ability to download all three, when these events were available in Japan only one Pokemon could be obtained at a time because each Pokemon required a pre-order ticket to receive.
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