Zoroark: Master of Illusions Movie Review

By Joey DiGiacomo

A must see Pokemon adventure, and one you do not want to miss. This movie brings us back to an earlier generation where Ash and his friends are back to simply have fun, but it soon goes wrong when the new Pokemon is released. The new Pokemon can change into anything that is around it, but seems to have a tail every time. This may be a movie you contemplate seeing, but just keep in mind, it is kind of an intro to the new generation and hopefully newer and better movies.

As we have seen in the earlier movies, the Pokemon are interactive and do not disappoint in the movie. We do not see any of the new Pokemon, but we do see the introduction of an exciting new Pokemon. This new Pokemon is named Zorua, and the evolved form of this is named Zoroark. Both of these new Pokemon show us the sort of Ditto like ability we have seen before, by that I mean they can transform into basically any living thing or object that they are around.

In the movie Ash and his friends are going to a new Pokemon sporting event, but it is soon ruined, because the route they take is blocked for an unknown reason. The reason it is blocked is because Zoroark is invading the city as legendary Pokemon. This makes the towns people have to evacuate the city. Zoroark has a reason for doing this, but he is not evil. A very well known corporate leader is behind this mischief. He is pretending to use Zorua as a hostage to have Zoroark invade the city to make the cities people evacuate as said earlier.

The reason for this plot is so he can basically find the time ripple, which Celebi, the legendary Pokemon, travels through. I do not want to give away the reason the corporate leader is searching for Celebi and the time ripple, but I think I have said enough to encourage you to see this great new Pokemon movie in the series of classic films.

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