Two Pokemon Movies Simultaneous Release

By Leo Du

The fact that The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are releasing two Pokemon
movies, Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom and Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram,
at the same time was that it was the first time ever done.  Maybe that’s why the DVD for
Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life took so long to release because the company
was working on two movies at the same time.  People could expect that the two new
Pokemon movies could be of lower quality because two projects are going on at the
same time which means that the workforce had to be divided evenly amongst the two
projects, but the overall quality could be made up for by the release of two instead of
one.  If both the two movies are higher quality than usual, then people might just be

When the movies are going to be premiered in North America, how would
Cartoon Network deal with releasing the two movies?  Also, how would Nintendo
release the two movies on DVD, divided up amongst two separate DVDs or including
both in one package?  Pokemon fans may wonder why Nintendo stopped releasing the
movies in theaters, maybe because Nintendo thought that it wasn’t worth it or they
thought that nobody would see it.

I feel strongly about this decision because looking
back about 9 years ago, Pokemon movies were still being shown in theaters and I’ve
never seen a Pokemon movie in theaters yet.  I was very young at the time, so I didn’t
want to go out to see the movies, now that I’m a teenager looking back at that time,
I missed the opportunity.

Nintendo should revive the Pokemon movies by showing them
in theaters again; they assume that nobody would watch it and it would just be a waste
of money, but what if they are wrong.  If the decision of reviving the Pokemon movies in
theaters is a success, then Nintendo may again start releasing the movies in theaters
year after year.  Nintendo could try promoting the movies the same way its done in
Japan, which could bring more sales and attention.  If not, then Nintendo at least tried
and they would never release the Pokemon movies in theaters again.  I once wrote an
email to Nintendo about this problem but they didn’t respond.

In conclusion, I think that Nintendo should consider about how the two new
Pokemon movies are going to be released in North America and elsewhere.  Also,
Nintendo should think about reviving the Pokemon movies in North America by
attempting to release these two new movies in theaters.

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