Pokemon Starters

By Joey DiGiacomo

In the world of Pokemon there has to be new starters all the time. When you play Pokemon games, you will notice that you have to choose a starter every time. Everyone has their favorite starter set; I personally love the set you get in Pokemon Gold. Then you have your older starters, by that I mean Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. Those were a great set of starters, but they are much better when they are evolved. As I have said I like the old Johto starters, because their evolved form is modern and powerful.

Another set of starters is Kanto that is as I have said the older set; this set is the oldest set. In all sets I have my recommended starters, but in this one I really can’t decide between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Now when I first liked Pokemon I was a big fan of the Kanto and Johto starters, but my personal favorite set of starters is the Hoenn set.

The Hoenn set features great starters that evolve into very powerful Pokemon. The Pokemon in this set are Torchic, Mudkip, and Trecko. Even though I think the other set of starters are good, the evolved form just does not match up to this (Excluding Kanto of course).

The next generation is Sinnoh; this set also has reasonable starters like Piplup. This starter set has great evolutions but they are all too much the same as any other starter. The last set of starters are the Unova set, and of course as you know this set features the new generation of Pokemon that you can read about in my new Pokemon article. This set has reasonable starters, but it is hard to choose between them. The evolved form of each of them is really great, but I feel have been done before. That is my personal opinion on the new starters. That pretty much is my look on how the starters are going. I do think the starters are good but there is definitely room to improve. I hope to see better starters in the future.

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