Pokemon Black & White Episode 1: In the shadows of Zekrom

By Joey DiGiacomo

Ash, a Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town sets off for another adventure with his partner Pokemon, Pikachu, but what Ash doesn’t know is that Team Rocket is on the plane Ash is riding.

As soon as Ash lands into the new region, things get fishy. A huge thunderstorm comes towards Ash and Pikachu at a fast pace. While this thunderstorm is hurdling towards them Pikachu gets captured out of nowhere by Team Rocket. They realize Team Rocket is a problem, but Ash and Pikachu panic once lightning strikes. Ash sees a shadow of a Pokemon who is causing these lightning strikes.The mysterious Pokemon in the thunder cloud electrocutes everyone, foiling Team Rocket’s plans once again. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt into the vortex like cloud, it makes the Pokemon even more mad, the mysterious Pokemon electrocutes Pikachu, making him use all of his electricity. After that something is wrong with Pikachu. He is now unable to use his electric attacks.

The thunderstorm fades away, and everything seems back to normal. Professor Oak and Ash’s mom rush out to see if Ash is okay, which he is. After some talking another professor (Professor Juniper) of this region (Unova) comes out to introduce Ash and Pikachu to the new region. He is told there are many new Pokemon to discover. There are Pokemon that are shown basically for examples, like Pidove, Deerling, Patrat, and more. Ash is exited for these Pokemon. Pikachu’s problem is once again introduced from earlier in this episode, Pikachu was electrocuted with so much electricity he can’t control his own electricity.

Once Ash arrives at the lab he gets Pikachu’s problem checked, but while this is happening Professor Juniper wants Ash to see the new starters a new trainer, Trip, will choose from.

Trip could’ve chosen from Oshawott, Tepig, or Snivy. Trip chose Snivy, and Trip takes tons of pictures. When Pikachu is done with the check up Ash meets up with Trip outside and challenges him to a battle. Trip realizes Ash has a Pikachu and once again starts taking pictures. Then after that they start the battle. Pikachu uses a thunderbolt on Snivy, but it won’t work. He tries again, and the results are no lightning attacks work. He uses iron tail and it works, but it’s no good. Ash is beaten, and then he heads straight for the lab, and there is another lightning storm, which makes Pikachu react again like earlier. This concludes the first episode of season fourteen of the Pokemon TV show, Pokemon Black & White.

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