Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 Released

The new Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 were just released in Japan.  These art boards are made by Bandai Corporation and were only sold in Japan for a very limited time. For those of you who are not familiar with them, a “Shikishi” is a picture printed or painted on a Japanese type cardboard. Shikishi’s are usually used for signing autographs. These are a mini version with a gold foil edge. There were 16 different versions (8 Sumi-E Ink Prints, 6 Water Color Prints & 2 Gold Foil Prints)

Meganium, Bayleef & Chikorita (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Typhlosion, Quagsire & Cyndaquil (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Feraligatr, Croconaw & Totodile (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Togepi, Cleffa, Igglybuff & Pichu (Water Color Print)

Umbreon & Espeon (Water Color Print)

Pikachu & Wobbuffet (Male & Female) (Water Color Print)

Porygon & Porygon2 (Water Color Print)

Unown (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Crobat (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Skarmony (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Ampharos (Water Color Print)

Tyranitar (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Raikou, Entei & Suicune (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Celebi (Water Color Print)

Ho-oh (Gold Foil Print)

Lugia (Gold Foil Print)

They came in a sealed package with 1 print and 1 piece of gum. The fun was that you didnt know which print you would get until you opened it. These shikishi prints wont last long, but you can still get them on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

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Japanese Re-Ment Pokemon Forest Figures Now Available

The Japanese Re-Ment Pokemon Forest figures have now been released in Japan. Each box came with one random tree part and figure.

Version #8 (Celebi)

Version #7 (Pidgeotto)

Version #6 (Pichu)

Version #5 (Teddiursa)

Version #4 (Elekid/Bellossom)

Version #3 (Bulbasaur/Oddish)

Version #2 (Rowlet)

Version #1 (Pikachu)

You can connect the pieces of the tree together to build a Pokemon tree. If you get all 8 pieces, the finished tree will look like this

Of course you can change the order of the tree. But, the best thing is that each tree piece comes with the bottom piece of the tree, so you can even make a short tree with one or two pieces or you can make a huge giant tree. The finished 8 piece tree stands about 11″ (28cm) tall. You can find these awesome Pokemon Forest tree figures on Pokevault for a limited time. Collect one, two or the entire set!!!

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Japanese Re-Ment Terrarium Vol. 3 Figures Set To Be Released July 9th

More great news from Japan. Re-Ment will be releasing  Terrarium figure set Vol. 3 on July 9, 2018.  Terrarium figures come in a clear plastic Pokeball shaped capsule with a figure inside, just like a mini terrarium.
Vol. 1 featured Pikachu, Dragonair, Eevee, Snorlax, Lapras & Bulbasaur.
Vol. 2 featured Pikachu/Togepi, Squirtle, Charizard, Psyduck/Poliwag, Cubone/Sandshrew and Articuno.

Vol. 3 will feature Charmander, Zapdos, Cyndaquil, Misdreavus, Vaporeon & Celebi. Vol. 1 & 2 are currently available on Pokevault.   Vol. 3 will be available on July 9, 2018, as soon as they are released!

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How To Get A Celebi In Gold And Silver Without The Event Or Gameshark

By Jill/Redterror117

Please note before going through this that the method used to obtain Celebi has a chance of being harmful to the cartridge, as one of the requirements for this is a Bad Clone. I am not responsible in any way for damage done to someone’s game for attempting this. Anyways, if done correctly the result of these steps will result in the player getting their very own Celebi, using some hidden hex values. Anyways before you begin, you will need three things: An egg that will hatch a Pokemon knowing Beat Up as its third move (the third move being important), a Bad Clone, and any five unneeded Pokemon. The easiest way to get the egg is to breed two Pokemon together with the same move set, such as Sneasel. The reason Beat Up is needed is because its assigned hex value is 251, the same as Celebi. This essentially means that you can produce any Pokemon in the game with this method (on the exception of Ledyba, because the move that shares its number is Struggle, which can’t be learned). As for the Bad Clone, there are different methods to getting one. The Box Clone technique can be used to obtain one, though it may take several tries. The ‘successful’ clones can be used as the third requirement.

Next comes the steps. Drop the egg with Beat Up into a box, with the five unneeded Pokemon and the bad clone in the party. Next, head for the daycare in Goldenrod City, and drop the Bad Clone into the Day Care. Following this, ask for it back. The Bad Clone will be turned into a ?????, a different type of glitch Pokemon. As a safety precaution, finish the rest of the steps without trying to view this Pokemon’s info or Pokedex. Move ????? to the top of the party, then log onto the PC. From there you will need to grab one more unneeded Pokemon using the ‘Move Pokemon Without Mail’ option, and place it at the top of your party. At this point you will have seven Pokemon in your party, the newly withdrawn Pokemon being the first, followed by the ?????, then the other five.

It’s at this point that things may start to become a bit more complicated. Return to the daycare with the seven Pokemon, deposit the ????? back into the daycare, then go back to the PC. From here, you will need to deposit the first and second Pokemon , then use the ‘Move Pokemon Without Mail’ option again, to grab the egg and place it at the top of the party. Following this, deposit the rest of the Pokemon except for the egg into the PC, then withdraw any Pokemon that were not designated for use in this glitch. With a full party of an egg plus five, proceed to move around (preferably in a place where no Pokemon battles will be encountered), until the egg hatches into a Celebi. You’re not done here however, as the Celebi will be hatched at level 0, meaning that it cannot be levelled up normally. In order to fix this, the Celebi will need to be dropped into the Daycare until it becomes at least level 2.

After Celebi has hatched, the ????? should disappear from the daycare, if the steps are followed properly. However there is the odd occasion where it may still remain. The problem with ????? Is that it cannot be released through the use of the PC, so the only way to remove it altogether is to trade it to an older generation (Red, Blue, or Yellow), and dispose of it from there.

Once you become more comfortable at using this glitch, you can take it a step further, and with research create items as well. While the third move of the egg determines the resulting Pokemon, the fourth move will determine the item held by the hatched Pokemon. If Reflect is the fourth move for example, the resulting held item will actually be the GS Ball, which can be used to trigger the event in the Ilex Forest to summon Celebi.


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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

This time an incredible chase takes place between Tyranitar and Suicune. Brock sent Onix to distract Dark Tyranitar, while Suicune has the opportunity to shoot an Ice Beam, which knocks out the Dark Tyranitar.

Suicune is now moving towards the robot, but the progress is very difficult.

Celebi sees Ash and Sammy on the back of Suicune. Then, Celebi suddently remembers the good times it spent with them. Celebi come back to its senses and destroys the robot. Back on land, Celebi appears completely disoriented ; it can no longer fly and crashes miserably on the ground.

Ash tries to give it the lake water, but it became too murky.

Luckily, Suicune manages to reach the lake and purify the dark, murky waters.

Ash gives water again to Celebi, but in vain. After multiple attempts at resuscitation, the legendary Pokemon remains inert.

Is it dead?

At this time of mourning, the forest suddenly starts waving and magically lit. That’s when hundreds of Celebies emerge from the forest, using their powers to ressurect their friend.

Celebi wakes up, happy to see all its friends.

In a split second, all of the Celebi disappear (except the one with As hand Sammy).

The legendary Pokemon, still confused, twirls above the lake. At this point, The Hunter grabs Celebi and with a reactor back, the evil thief fled into the skies, but luckily, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to destroy The Hunter’s reactors. He crashes in the middle of the forest, crowded with Ariadoses, Furrets and Ursarings that look very happy to see him =) You know what happens next.
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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash tries to touch Celebi, but he get hit with a psychic attack. Angry, Ash insists to touch the legendary Pokemon, but it uses its attacks to defend itself. After several attempts, Celebi finally allows Ash to approach it.

His injury is very serious indeed, Ash brings to Miku. It knows a great lake of pure water packed in the forest that could heal Celebi.

Ash and Sammy decide to search the lake, but their investigation is disrupted by the arrival of Jessie & James.

As usual, they get blasted off again…

Meanwhile, The Hunter went to board a huge mobile robot that destroys everything in its path. This time, the Hunter is determined to find Celebi once and for all.

Ash comes face to face with the robot. The Hunter tries to make a deal with Ash : if he do not give Celebi to him, the robot will destroy everything.

Everyone says ‘NO’. The Hunter sends the ‘Dark Tyranitar’ he had captured earlier. It readies its Hyper Beam attack.

Ash & co. run away quickly, but while fleeing, Misty injured her leg. This allowed The Hunter to catch up to them.

Sammy and Ash are preparing to fight. Sammy turns out to be the ancestor of technological Pokeballs: he puts out a wooden ball. He spins out a valve and a Charmeleon comes out.

Ash just thew a PokeBall in which Bayleef came out.

The Hunter attacks with Scizor and Sneasel.
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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 1

By TokoyamiTheDark

The story begins in a strange and luxurious forest. A legendary Pokemon called Celebi is pursued by a fierce Houndoom. Its psychic barriers enable it to resist against the attacks of demonic dog until the arrival of a Scyther to help the enraged Houndoom.

Celebi does not stand long against both Pokemon and falls in the grass.

Then comes a man, some sort of hunter that Houndoom and Scyther blindly obey (as if they couldn’t see evil in that man). He is about to capture Celebi, but fortunately, it manages to break free and escape.

Meanwhile, a young boy named Sammy makes a painting of a Bellossom. But his inspiration is troubled when he overhears Celebi pursued by Scyther and Houndoom.

The young man, wondering what’s going on, abandons his painting to follow the strange pursuit.

A few miles away, he finds Celebi in very bad shape and runs to help it and fled afterwards.

The Hunter reappears and asks Sammy to give him Celebi. However, Sammy ignores it and continues to run away. Sammy managed to find a strange altar, which suddenly begins to flicker.

Celebi cries and the forest becomes engulfed by a strange light, bluish light which engulfs Sammy and Celebi.
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Celebi- The Rarest Pokemon?

By Anonymous

Strange types can lead to victory, or a harsh defeat. It all depends, and it will always depend. Some types can be just plain awesome, no other words to describe it. Some can sound cool, but can lead to a horrible defeat. Some can have a weakness that can be up to four or more times powerful then a regular attack! A Pokemon like Mantine, for example. He is a water type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon. Both water and flying types are weak to electric type attacks. So if a Raichu used Thunderbolt on Mantine it will most likely defeat it in one hit due to a times four weakness.A legendary Pokemon known as Celebi is similar to this.

Celebi is a great Pokemon, don’t get me wrong. But Celebi is a psychic type Pokemon and a grass type Pokemon, it again sounds cool, but it is open to a lot of weaknesses, maybe not a times four weakness, but still a times two weakness. Due to the grass half of Celebi, it is weak to ice, fire and bug type Pokemon. Due to it’s psychic type half, it is weak against ghost and dark type Pokemon. That leaves a total of five weaknesses. Though Celebi is beneficial, being psychic type and a grass type Pokemon it has a lot of move advantages. Celebi is one of the rarest Pokemon to date because of it being so rare.

Celebi has been given out several times in Japan through the years. In American you couoold only get a 10 ANIV Celebi or a WIN2011 Celebi which was just recently given out and allows you to transfer it to Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White version to get the Pokemon Zorua.
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For the Player and Collector: HS Triumphant

By The Pidgeot

Hello again, I just finished opening my HS Triumphant booster box and I must say I had fun opening it. Then again who would not love to open booster boxes. From this box I must say I got pretty lucky with the ultra rare cards. I pulled five, very good, very playable prime cards; Celebi, Magnezone, Machamp, Mew and Gengar primes. I even pulled three legend pieces completing one of the two legends from this set. But enough about what I pulled, I’m here to inform you all once again the ups and downs of the HS Triumphant Set. To me this set probably is a more positive set added to the pokemon TCG world than negative. So lets get to it!
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Pokemon Event Celebi

By Matt

In March 2011, there was an event going on at all local GameStops. It was even broadcasted on TV that an Event Celebi would be given out for a short period of time before the release of Pokemon Black and White Versions. When you go to GameStop, you would select Mystery Gift and then Receive from Wireless. This would give you the pass to receive Celebi, which could be accessed when you talk to the deliveryman in any Poke Mart. This could be done for any versions compatible for the DS; this includes Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. If you got Celebi in HeartGold or SoulSilver, you could access a quick cutscene where you would travel in time with Celebi.

To do this, you would need to prepare your strongest team (just in case you were faced with a strong opponent). Then, go to the Ilex Forest with your Celebi as your lead Pokemon (it has to be walking behind you). When you got to the house-thing close to the entrance, your friend Lyra would come with her Marill. She would then ask how things have been, and accidentally be teleported back in time with you (and leaving her Marill behind!). After a short break, you would find yourself back three years, and in Team Rocket’s secret headquarters before you ruined their plans. There would be a member of Team Rocket in there, and challenge you to a Pokemon battle. When you won, the radio would sound out, calling for Team Rocket members. Celebi would then transport you to a different place. You would then find your rival battling Giovanni, head of Team Rocket, and win.
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