Celebi- The Rarest Pokemon?

By Anonymous

Strange types can lead to victory, or a harsh defeat. It all depends, and it will always depend. Some types can be just plain awesome, no other words to describe it. Some can sound cool, but can lead to a horrible defeat. Some can have a weakness that can be up to four or more times powerful then a regular attack! A Pokemon like Mantine, for example. He is a water type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon. Both water and flying types are weak to electric type attacks. So if a Raichu used Thunderbolt on Mantine it will most likely defeat it in one hit due to a times four weakness.A legendary Pokemon known as Celebi is similar to this.

Celebi is a great Pokemon, don’t get me wrong. But Celebi is a psychic type Pokemon and a grass type Pokemon, it again sounds cool, but it is open to a lot of weaknesses, maybe not a times four weakness, but still a times two weakness. Due to the grass half of Celebi, it is weak to ice, fire and bug type Pokemon. Due to it’s psychic type half, it is weak against ghost and dark type Pokemon. That leaves a total of five weaknesses. Though Celebi is beneficial, being psychic type and a grass type Pokemon it has a lot of move advantages. Celebi is one of the rarest Pokemon to date because of it being so rare.

Celebi has been given out several times in Japan through the years. In American you couoold only get a 10 ANIV Celebi or a WIN2011 Celebi which was just recently given out and allows you to transfer it to Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White version to get the Pokemon Zorua.

Celebi was a star in the last Pokemon Movie Zoroark: Master of Illusions. Celebi flew around Crown City to bring peace and nature. But it also brought along a Time Ripple, which Kodai wanted to absorb and have the powers to see into the future. Celebi was also in Pokemon 4Ever: Voice of the Forest where it was attempted to be captured by the Iron Masked Marauder and used to take over the world. Celebi never get’s a break when it shows it’s face, does it?


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