In The Shadow Of Zekrom! Summary And Review


Hey guys. I decided to check out the Pokemon anime by watching the first episode of the new Black and White season. I watched most of the original Kanto series and some of the Johto long time ago, but haven’t caught an episode until now. This episode introduces Ash Ketchum as he sets out with his mother and Professor Oak to the Unova region. As soon as they arrive, Ash’s number one buddy Pikachu is ambushed by Team Rocket. Shortly after, a mysterious dark cloud forms and reveals Zekrom. Zekrom unleashes lightning and Pikachu seems to behave like an electrical conductor.

The thunderstorm clears and everything and everyone seems fine. Professor Juniper, a Pokemon professor of Unova, appears and gives Ash and his party a ride to her research lab. On the way, we are treated to scenes of Unova Pokemon. At the lab, Professor Juniper runs some tests on Pikachu. While Pikachu is busy with some tests, Ash explores the rest of the lab. He runs into Trip, a brand new trainer, and watches him choose a starter Pokemon. Ash and Trip strike up a conversation and one thing leads to another and they have a Pokemon battle. The episode ends with Zekrom returning over the laboratory, leaving an ominous tone.

When the narrator introduced Ash as a 10-year old boy, I was intrigued and thought the new Pokemon Black and White series would be a reboot of the anime. However, we do see Pikachu and very early into the episode we realize it’s a continuation indeed. Am I the only one that thinks that it’s strange that Ash is 10 years old? I believe Black and White is the 14th season. My, oh my, young Ash has lived a very exciting life! I really would have enjoyed seeing an older Ash. It would be cool to see him pursue romantic interests and become more mature as he continues his quest to become the Pokemon Master.

I don’t think the series ever mentions Ash’s father, but personally I think his mother and Professor Oak make a cute couple. I found it odd that Professor Oak actually looks younger in the episode and his voice reminds me a lot of his jerk nephew Gary. I remember him being much taller in the first season, but he looks super short, especially standing next to Professor Juniper on the pier. Team Rocket also looks younger. I could really do without so much of Team Rocket in the anime and I was relieved of their short screen time. They didn’t even say, “Team Rocket is blasting off again!”

I enjoyed the ride to the lab as I got to see herds of Deerling, Pidove, Patrat, and Swanna. It was also fun to see Prof. Juniper introduce the 3 starters. I smiled when I saw Oshawott’s disappointment. As soon as I saw Trip, I knew he was going to be a jerk-type rival archetype. He just received his first Pokemon and he’s acting like he knows everything. I was really disappointed when Ash and Pikachu lost their match to Trip. Trip’s Snivy should have zero experience, right? Yet they go on to defeat Pikachu who has had loads of battle experience. I know Pikachu was weakened by Zekrom, but he should have been able to take Snivy. I thought it was ridiculous how Pikachu “made himself” tired after attempting to use lightning attacks. I did enjoy Pikachu’s Iron Tail animation as well as Snivy’s Leaf Tornado animation. I’ll be looking forward to their rematch and I’ll be rooting for Pikachu.


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