Analysis: Dragon-Type Pokemon

By Jill/Redterror117

Being my favourite type of the Pokemon series, it seemed to be less of a task and more of fun way to talk about Dragon Pokemon as a whole. Since having first been introduced to the series through getting Pokemon Yellow as my first Gameboy game, I have found myself trying to specialize more in Dragon Pokemon, and Dragon-like Pokemon for my line-ups. Both of my favourite Pokemon are also Dragon types, Dratini as my favourite non-legendary, and Latias as my favourite legendary. So what’s so special about Dragon Pokemon that makes them stand out from the rest? Well, let me outline that.

First, there are the battle specific advantages that Dragon Pokemon hold. The only thing that resists them is Steel, and the only things that they are weak to are other Dragons, and Ice type moves. They also resist the four major special types: Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric, all of which are associated with the starters of each series. It’s also considered one of the strongest types overall, as even though Dragon Pokemon can require much more training than other Pokemon types (especially since most don’t reach their final stage until after level 40), they tend to possess the highest attack and special attack stats, which make them formidable foes in combat.

Another reason toward my preference of Dragon Pokemon is their appearance. Of course, many people claim that the reason they like a certain Pokemon is because of how it looks, this being especially true with baby Pokemon. Once more, I find myself leaning toward Dragon Pokemon for this. After all, many of the final stage Pokemon have this sense of power about them when it comes to how they look. Those like Hydreigon and Salamence maintain a feeling of intimidation toward their foes, while others like Dragonite and Altaria prove to feel more approachable. Meanwhile many of the Basic staged Pokemon like Axew and Dratini have a cute charm toward them; though over time and evolution this may either be kept or lost (Axew’s final form does not keep this charm, while Dratini’s still does).

The final reason that I prefer the Dragon Pokemon over everything else is because of world mythology. Almost every culture on earth includes at least one type of dragon, or dragon-like creature within its myths, from the Asian Lung of Chinese and Japanese myth, to the treasure-hoarding European dragons, and even the Amphitheres of Mexico and South America. And since such mythology has always interested me, it gives me an excuse to have interest in Pokemon like Rayquaza and Altaria, who even share resemblance to known mythological dragons (Ziz and Peng respectively).

While I will always feel that Dragon Pokemon possess the best type in the game, my argument is toward my own preference. Everyone has their own type that they like, and some may not even care for any single Pokemon typing. However when facing against someone who is known to favour a certain Pokemon type, it tends to make battling much easier.

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