The C-Gear

By Matt

Featured in Pokemon Black and White, the C-Gear is a wireless function that is part of the game in order to interact with other players. Since this is only for Black and White versions, you cannot communicate with other games, except for using Poke Transfer. After you’ve received the C-Gear, you will be asked if you want to start it up. The default option is yes, to enhance your gameplay experience, but if you’re sure there’s no one around you, it’s safe to turn it off. This wireless communications device takes up the entire bottom part of your DS screen, like the Poketch in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. If it’s off, buttons won’t appear as options; if it’s on, the C-Gear will flash colors occasionally.

The first section on the far left when you receive it is Online, which allows you to access Game Sync. Game Sync is for the Pokemon Global Link, and you must sign up for an account if you want to make the most of this function.

The middle section is InfraRed, or IR. This lets you use InfraRed Connection to play with your friends. By having both game cards close together, the IR will connect the two systems and you and a friend will be able to play co-op or as opponents. There is a function for battling, trading, exchanging friend codes for Wi-Fi, and a Feeling Check. The Feeling Check is a small game where you and your friend do the same actions required on the screen. When it is done, you will get a rating of how much you are in sync. Depending on your rank, you will get a number of Sweet Hearts, which can be used as HP-restoring items, or exchanged for Heart Scales. The side on the far right features Wireless, which allows you to communicate with others in a range as far as your system can reach.

The first option is Entralink, which is a strange place in the center of Unova that allows you to enter another player’s world and help them on their journey. It is also used to get Pokemon that you received from the Dream World. If you don’t get them, they will accumulate in the top of the Entralink in a place called Entree Forest. If you want, you can send a Pokemon waiting for you into the Deep Clearing, which is basically the place north of Entree Forest. Receiving items from the Dream World turns them into some sort of dust in the real game. A boy will be waiting outside and give you the items. If you don’t talk to him, the items will disappear the next time you use Game Sync.

The Xtransceiver is a video cam allowing you to communicate with your friends using the microphone and a camera, for the DSi. It is sort of limited, since wireless functions work in a short range, rendering some functions redundant, such as the microphone and camera. To make things interesting, a voice changer is added to the Xtranceiver. Through the Global Link, one can customize their C-Gear Skin. Based on where you live, you can use passwords, enter surveys, etc. to gain access to a particular skin. The C-Gear is another innovation in the new Pokemon games that everyone should use to their advantage.


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