Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash tries to touch Celebi, but he get hit with a psychic attack. Angry, Ash insists to touch the legendary Pokemon, but it uses its attacks to defend itself. After several attempts, Celebi finally allows Ash to approach it.

His injury is very serious indeed, Ash brings to Miku. It knows a great lake of pure water packed in the forest that could heal Celebi.

Ash and Sammy decide to search the lake, but their investigation is disrupted by the arrival of Jessie & James.

As usual, they get blasted off again…

Meanwhile, The Hunter went to board a huge mobile robot that destroys everything in its path. This time, the Hunter is determined to find Celebi once and for all.

Ash comes face to face with the robot. The Hunter tries to make a deal with Ash : if he do not give Celebi to him, the robot will destroy everything.

Everyone says ‘NO’. The Hunter sends the ‘Dark Tyranitar’ he had captured earlier. It readies its Hyper Beam attack.

Ash & co. run away quickly, but while fleeing, Misty injured her leg. This allowed The Hunter to catch up to them.

Sammy and Ash are preparing to fight. Sammy turns out to be the ancestor of technological Pokeballs: he puts out a wooden ball. He spins out a valve and a Charmeleon comes out.

Ash just thew a PokeBall in which Bayleef came out.

The Hunter attacks with Scizor and Sneasel.

After a great battle, our heroes win, then run away to find the famous lake. The Hunter, cackling, starts to pursuit them…again.

All the Pokemon of the forest come together to stop the progression of The Hunter and guides Ash to the lake.

After a long chase through the forest, Pikachu finally managed to find the lake.

Celebi touches the lake water and completely recovers from its wounds. As a thank you, it uses his psychic powers to make Sammy and Ash levitate. They are having a fun stoll in the skies along with Celebi. Back on the ground, the Pokemon notices Misty’s injured leg, and heals the wound.

Ash decided to set up a camp near the lake for the night.

After a peaceful night, our friends are awakened by The Hunter and his robot.

Celebi gets caught by the metal clips of the robot. The Hunter then brandished his Dark Ball and… manage to capture Celebi!!!

Ash is very angry at the Hunter, then he gets the courage to climb to the top of the robot to fight The Hunter, but he fails and fall heavily to the ground.

The Hunter, laughing loudly, suddently releases the ‘Dark Celebi’ and ordered it to destroy everything.

Celebi triggers a massive hurricane that begins to destroy the forest.

The tour guide and the girl decided to go closer to the hurricane with a montgolfier.

At the top of a hazy mountain, Suicune also sees in this disaster and runs at high speed toward the storm.

Near the lake, a huge gathering of branches and trees floating is formed by the hurricane. Celebi forge this ‘mass’ to create an enormous psychic entity.

The tour guide arrives in time to rescue Ash & co. with his montgolfier, now heading towards the robot. The Hunter orders Celebi to destroy the montgolfier, but Celebi’s shot missed and touched the lake, making the water murky. Therefore, a terrible air battle takes place: Celebi, the robot and the Hunter, which attacks the montgolfier, which somehows avoided the shots. Suicune appears at this time to save the lives of our heroes. The Hunter withnesses the rescue with anger, and decided to catch Suicune. He summons his Dark Tyranitar.

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