Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

This time an incredible chase takes place between Tyranitar and Suicune. Brock sent Onix to distract Dark Tyranitar, while Suicune has the opportunity to shoot an Ice Beam, which knocks out the Dark Tyranitar.

Suicune is now moving towards the robot, but the progress is very difficult.

Celebi sees Ash and Sammy on the back of Suicune. Then, Celebi suddently remembers the good times it spent with them. Celebi come back to its senses and destroys the robot. Back on land, Celebi appears completely disoriented ; it can no longer fly and crashes miserably on the ground.

Ash tries to give it the lake water, but it became too murky.

Luckily, Suicune manages to reach the lake and purify the dark, murky waters.

Ash gives water again to Celebi, but in vain. After multiple attempts at resuscitation, the legendary Pokemon remains inert.

Is it dead?

At this time of mourning, the forest suddenly starts waving and magically lit. That’s when hundreds of Celebies emerge from the forest, using their powers to ressurect their friend.

Celebi wakes up, happy to see all its friends.

In a split second, all of the Celebi disappear (except the one with As hand Sammy).

The legendary Pokemon, still confused, twirls above the lake. At this point, The Hunter grabs Celebi and with a reactor back, the evil thief fled into the skies, but luckily, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to destroy The Hunter’s reactors. He crashes in the middle of the forest, crowded with Ariadoses, Furrets and Ursarings that look very happy to see him =) You know what happens next.

Finally, Sammy has to go back in his day. After the hard and difficult farewells for our friends to separate, Celebi goes back to the forest with its friends.

At the end of the movie, in the end credits, we see Jackie cleaning Prof. Oak’s laboratory. He discovers a book that Sammy used to have in the past, 50 years ago.

He turns and looks at prof. Oak, then continue cleaning the lab.

In case you didn’t got the joke, Sammy and the prof. Oak definitively ARE the same person…

My thoughts about this movie : Sadly I was expecting better for this movie, as it isn’t as good as the others. This was the first time Miramax of Walt Disney

studios published a Pokemon Movie, the previous 3 were published by Warner Brothers.

But at least in the Pikachu Short, 3th Gen Pokemon made their very first appearance in the anime! That’s what counts for me. Wailmer, Kecleon and Azurill are the 3th Gen Pokemon I was talking about. But if you’re a fanatic of the Pokemon movies, then I‘m sure you’ll like it. An interesting fact about this movie is that Miramax once planned to release the movie in English only, meaning no French version for Quebecers

and no release outside North America, but due to heavy petitions held by French Pokemon websites, Miramax finally decided to release it in other languages. The same fate would have happened to Pokemon Heroes, Jirachi Wish Maker, Destiny Deoxys and Lucario and the mystery of Mew, just before 4Kids lost its license of Pokemon if there was such no petition.

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