Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 Released

The new Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 were just released in Japan.  These art boards are made by Bandai Corporation and were only sold in Japan for a very limited time. For those of you who are not familiar with them, a “Shikishi” is a picture printed or painted on a Japanese type cardboard. Shikishi’s are usually used for signing autographs. These are a mini version with a gold foil edge. There were 16 different versions (8 Sumi-E Ink Prints, 6 Water Color Prints & 2 Gold Foil Prints)

Meganium, Bayleef & Chikorita (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Typhlosion, Quagsire & Cyndaquil (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Feraligatr, Croconaw & Totodile (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Togepi, Cleffa, Igglybuff & Pichu (Water Color Print)

Umbreon & Espeon (Water Color Print)

Pikachu & Wobbuffet (Male & Female) (Water Color Print)

Porygon & Porygon2 (Water Color Print)

Unown (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Crobat (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Skarmony (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Ampharos (Water Color Print)

Tyranitar (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Raikou, Entei & Suicune (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Celebi (Water Color Print)

Ho-oh (Gold Foil Print)

Lugia (Gold Foil Print)

They came in a sealed package with 1 print and 1 piece of gum. The fun was that you didnt know which print you would get until you opened it. These shikishi prints wont last long, but you can still get them on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

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Japan Pokemon Center Pikachu Kaiju Hydreigon Tyranitar Charizard Poncho Plush Toys Coming June 30th

The Pokemon Centers in Japan are teaming up with Kaiju for a collaboration.
Kaiju and Pikachu will be joining forces and there will be 4 new plush toys. They will be the popular poncho style featuring Pikachu wearing Hydreigon, Tyranitar, Charizard & Kaiju costumes.

These beautiful plushies will be available for purchase on Pokevault for a limited time after June 30, 2018. They will be in short supply, so dont wait.

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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

This time an incredible chase takes place between Tyranitar and Suicune. Brock sent Onix to distract Dark Tyranitar, while Suicune has the opportunity to shoot an Ice Beam, which knocks out the Dark Tyranitar.

Suicune is now moving towards the robot, but the progress is very difficult.

Celebi sees Ash and Sammy on the back of Suicune. Then, Celebi suddently remembers the good times it spent with them. Celebi come back to its senses and destroys the robot. Back on land, Celebi appears completely disoriented ; it can no longer fly and crashes miserably on the ground.

Ash tries to give it the lake water, but it became too murky.

Luckily, Suicune manages to reach the lake and purify the dark, murky waters.

Ash gives water again to Celebi, but in vain. After multiple attempts at resuscitation, the legendary Pokemon remains inert.

Is it dead?

At this time of mourning, the forest suddenly starts waving and magically lit. That’s when hundreds of Celebies emerge from the forest, using their powers to ressurect their friend.

Celebi wakes up, happy to see all its friends.

In a split second, all of the Celebi disappear (except the one with As hand Sammy).

The legendary Pokemon, still confused, twirls above the lake. At this point, The Hunter grabs Celebi and with a reactor back, the evil thief fled into the skies, but luckily, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to destroy The Hunter’s reactors. He crashes in the middle of the forest, crowded with Ariadoses, Furrets and Ursarings that look very happy to see him =) You know what happens next.
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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash tries to touch Celebi, but he get hit with a psychic attack. Angry, Ash insists to touch the legendary Pokemon, but it uses its attacks to defend itself. After several attempts, Celebi finally allows Ash to approach it.

His injury is very serious indeed, Ash brings to Miku. It knows a great lake of pure water packed in the forest that could heal Celebi.

Ash and Sammy decide to search the lake, but their investigation is disrupted by the arrival of Jessie & James.

As usual, they get blasted off again…

Meanwhile, The Hunter went to board a huge mobile robot that destroys everything in its path. This time, the Hunter is determined to find Celebi once and for all.

Ash comes face to face with the robot. The Hunter tries to make a deal with Ash : if he do not give Celebi to him, the robot will destroy everything.

Everyone says ‘NO’. The Hunter sends the ‘Dark Tyranitar’ he had captured earlier. It readies its Hyper Beam attack.

Ash & co. run away quickly, but while fleeing, Misty injured her leg. This allowed The Hunter to catch up to them.

Sammy and Ash are preparing to fight. Sammy turns out to be the ancestor of technological Pokeballs: he puts out a wooden ball. He spins out a valve and a Charmeleon comes out.

Ash just thew a PokeBall in which Bayleef came out.

The Hunter attacks with Scizor and Sneasel.
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Pokemon Tyranitar

By Anonymous

Have you heard of a powerful Pokemon? Well I’m sure you have! Dragon type Pokemon are by far known to be some of the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Many of these Pokemon that are dragon type are also legendary Pokemon, legendary Pokemon are also some of the strongest, but can be defeat like any other Pokemon. There can be strong Pokemon of any type, they don’t have to be legendary either. One of these Pokemon is known as Tyranitary.

Tyranitar is a powerful Pokemon, his speed is the only thing that can get the best of him. Tyranitar has an odd Pokemon typing combination that is actually kind of cool. Tyranitar is a rock type Pokemon but is also part dark making Tyranitar a rock type Pokemon and a dark type Pokemon. Tyranitar evolves from Pupitar, which evolves from Larvitar. Larvitar look slike a smaller form of Tyrantiar, Pupitar looks like a coccon structure, but once it reaches level fifty-five it will evolve into the powerful Pokemon Tyranitar. Tyranitar has a green body with black blotches on it. He resembles a dinosaur and is a pretty cool looking Pokemon. He is large in size compared to most normal size Pokemon.
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