Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 Released

The new Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 were just released in Japan.  These art boards are made by Bandai Corporation and were only sold in Japan for a very limited time. For those of you who are not familiar with them, a “Shikishi” is a picture printed or painted on a Japanese type cardboard. Shikishi’s are usually used for signing autographs. These are a mini version with a gold foil edge. There were 16 different versions (8 Sumi-E Ink Prints, 6 Water Color Prints & 2 Gold Foil Prints)

Meganium, Bayleef & Chikorita (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Typhlosion, Quagsire & Cyndaquil (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Feraligatr, Croconaw & Totodile (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Togepi, Cleffa, Igglybuff & Pichu (Water Color Print)

Umbreon & Espeon (Water Color Print)

Pikachu & Wobbuffet (Male & Female) (Water Color Print)

Porygon & Porygon2 (Water Color Print)

Unown (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Crobat (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Skarmony (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Ampharos (Water Color Print)

Tyranitar (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Raikou, Entei & Suicune (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Celebi (Water Color Print)

Ho-oh (Gold Foil Print)

Lugia (Gold Foil Print)

They came in a sealed package with 1 print and 1 piece of gum. The fun was that you didnt know which print you would get until you opened it. These shikishi prints wont last long, but you can still get them on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

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Pokemon Johto, Fourth Gym

By Anonymous

Now that you’ve beaten the third Johto gym in Goldenrod City you might want to go to the next gym. There is a tree, a weird tree in the way. You will later find out that the tree is actually a Sudowoodo, a tree looking Pokemon that is actually a rock type. Anyway he was blocking the way to get to the next town. Once arriving in Ecruteak City you will notice that it looks really cool. It seems like autumn in that town because of the leaves. Ecruteak City is probably one of the most ancient towns in the Johto region. It is home of the Burned Tower and the Tin Tower. The Tin Tower is said to be where Ho-oh is at. Ho-oh will only appear to the purest of trainers who have had a big impact on the world by protecting Pokemon. Or at least something of that nature.

The gym leader Morty went to the Tin Tower before hoping Ho-oh has arrived for him. But nothing happened, Ho-oh wasn’t there. The Burned Tower is where Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are at, if you go to the basement where they are at, they will flee and you’ll have to find them and hunt them down on your own in order to capture them. It’s time to get on with the gym though. In the Ecruteak city gym you will notice it is pretty eerie looking in there. That is because it is a ghost type gym. Once you get to the leader Morty, prepare for a horrific battle! He will open with a simple Ghastly, you should be able to take it down easily. Just be careful that its Lick attack doesn’t Paralyze any of your Pokemon. The next Pokemon is a Haunter, be a bit more careful, Haunter is a bit more powerful, it knows Hypnosis which can put your Pokemon asleep, it also knows Dream Eater which is a powerful attack that can only be done if the opponent is asleep.
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Johto Region Pokemon Part 3

By Amanda

Pichu is an electric type Pokemon, which is the pre evolved form of Pikachu.  It’s known as the tiny mouse Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan.  It can learn attacks like thundershock and sweet kiss, but it can only learn four moves through level up.  It appeared in several episodes in the anime as well as in short films before the movie begins.

One example is before Pokemon 3, a short film that stars the Pichu brothers befriending Ash’s Pikachu, and helping it return back to the other Pokemon before time runs out when Ash and friends return.  Noctowl is a flying type which is the evolved form of Hoothoot.  It’s known as the owl Pokemon, and is known as Yorunozuku in Japan.  It can learn several moves like confusion, air slash, and dream eater.  In the anime, Ash caught a rare shiny one during his adventure in the Johto region, being the first shiny Pokemon caught by a main character in the anime.
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Johto Region Pokemon Part 2

By Amanda

Ho-oh is a fire and flying type legendary Pokemon.  It’s known as the rainbow Pokemon, and is known as Houou in Japan.  It has strong moves like Sacred fire, sky attack and extrasensory.  In the anima, 300 years ago it lost its trust to humans due to their destruction, and how they used Pokemon in bad ways.  When the Tin Tower burned to the ground, it flew away, and never contacted itself to humans since.  Ash is one of the few humans who were lucky to see it, being that he saw it three times during his adventures, and has a close connection to Ho-oh.  Ho-oh also resurrected three characters, namely Suicune, Entei, and Raikou that were caught in the flames, who now watch over all humans until the day Pokemon and humans become one, then Ho-oh will return.
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Second Generation Shiny Pokemon Review

By Emily

Despite the second generation having the fewest Pokemon of any era past and present, it seems to have a lot of shiny Pokemon associated with it. With Gold and Silver being the first games to actually feature these unique Pokemon, it makes some sense for so many Pokemon from this era being turned into shiny events.

Events aside, many of the Pokemon are stuck with a combination of pink, purple, and blue for their shiny colors. Some Pokemon were lucky enough to have a rather good shiny form.

Starting with events, the first shiny Pokemon from this era is Pichu with the 12th movie. The Pikachu-Colored Pichu wasn’t there just for looks; the notched-ear Pichu from the movie could be obtained only if this event Pokemon was brought to the Ilex Shrine. In addition to the in-game event, the shiny Pichu also had an exclusive attack, Endeavor, which made this Pokemon even more unusual. The gold color of this Pokemon is actually a very good choice since the red of its cheeks and black of its ears and tail have a much nicer contrast.
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