Pokemon Johto, Third Gym

By Anonymous

You probably just beat the second gym leader in Azalea Town, am I correct? The next gym is in Goldenrod City. It should be fairly easy to get there from Azlea Town, just get past the Ilex Forest. Upon arriving in the town you will notice that this is a big city. I believe it is the biggest town in the Johto region. There is a lot to do here aside from the usual enter town and go to gym pattern. The radio tower is in this town. Visit and you could get a radio programmed into your PokeGear, you get it by answering some trivia questions.

After that you should check out the Game Corner. The Game Corner varies, there might be the usual with slots and what not or it could be a game with volt orbs and choosing the correct ones, if you click on a panel with a volt orb on it it will explode and you lose the coins you have won on that round. It is a pretty fun game. Now those are just some of the things to do here. There is also the Magnet Train that will later let you ride to Saffron City in Kanto. With that being said there is still much more to do in Goldenrod City, however, the gym is still important if you want to get your third badge. So why not check it out?

This gym happens to be a normal type gym, there is no weakness for normal type Pokemon except fighting types. If you have a fighting type Pokemon it will be a bit easier, but not by much. Not nearly by much. This gym happens to be one of the hardest, everyone probably had to try to be the leader more than once. Anyway let’s get on with the gym battle. The leader is Whitney, she is tough, don’t let her looks get in the way! The first Pokemon she will use is a Clefairy, this Clefairy has some power, don’t underestimate the power it has though, it will be pretty hard to take it down, but it will seem incredibly easy compared to her last Pokemon.
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Pokemon Johto, Second Gym

By Anonymous

Just beat Falkner, the first gym leader. This must mean your still in Violet City. You need to head down to Azalea Town to challenge the second gym leader. On your way to Azalea Town, on the very entrance to Azalea Town you’ll see the entrance a well. In this well, or I should say the Slowpoke Well, you will find it has been taken over by Team Rocket. You will meet a man named Kurt, he will later be important. By the time you get to the end of the Slowpoke Well you will find a Rocket Executive he tells you that their mission is to cut Slowpoke Tails. He executive’s name is Proton, his Pokemon will be just around your levels to defeat, it may be sort of a fight but you could handle it. After the well is saved the Azalea Town gym should be open. But the man named Kurt, what was he doing? He is the famous Kurt that can make special Pokeballs from Apricorns. These Pokeballs can help you capture Pokemon on your journey, but this isn’t what we’re talking about.

Let’s head to the Azalea Town gym. This gym is a bug type Pokemon gym. You will be fighting a lot of Pokemon that look of the insect nature. The leader is Bugsy, he is known as The Walking Bug Pokemon Encyclopedia. He researches bug type Pokemon and therefore will put up a fight. When you get to him and challenge him to a match, the first Pokemon he will send out is a Scyther. Scyther is his most powerful Pokemon, it is also holding a Sitrus Berry. This berry will restore the health of this Scyther if it gets too low. The Scyther knows Quick Attack which is a more powerful version of Tackle that always goes first. He also knows U-Turn in which the Scyther will attack and then return so another Pokemon can be sent out.
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Pokemon Johto, First Gym

By Anonymous

In the Johto region, you must begin your journey with a starter, you get your starter from Professor Elm. Professor Elm gives trainer one of three Pokemon at level five. The grass type Chikorita, the fire type Cyndaquil, and the water type Totodile. Choose one and begin your journey. A trainers number one goal is to gather the eight gym badges of whatever region they start in. These regions are Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the new Unova region. As stated above this will be in the Johto region. The very first gym you need to go to is in Violet City. Violet City is also home of the Sprout Tower, I suggest you take a look in there before anything else. The Ruins of Alph are also around that area. Solve the puzzles and you can encounter the mysterious Unown, they are psychic type Pokemon that have only the one move of Hidden Power.

With that being said, let’s us go to the very first gym in the Johto region. The Violet City gym is a flying type gym. The leader is Falkner, who is said to be The Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon. So be prepared for a fight in the first gym! This will be sort of tough if you chose a Chikorita due to the weakness a grass type has with flying type Pokemon. Even if you choose Cyndaquil his Pokemon can use Mud-Slap which is a ground type attack and fire types have a weakness to ground. Let’s get on with the match, shall we?

The first Pokemon Falkner will send out is a Pidgey and level nine. The only moves it has are Tackle and Sand Attack. You should be able to defeat it, Sand Attack can lower your accuracy making it so your attacks are more likely to miss the opponent. Tackle is just the basic normal type move that most Pokemon at low levels have. Once the Pidgey is taken down, Falkner will send out his second Pokemon. This is also his last Pokemon and the most powerful Pokemon he owns.
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Johto Starters and Evolutions: The Chikorita Line

By Jo

It’s docile, green, and enjoys sunbathing on warm days. Chikorita, the Leaf Pokemon, is gentle and prefers to avoid confrontations. When in battle, it whips the leaf on its head around to intimidate its opponent, though the leaf also wafts a sweet fragrance which normally calms those around it. Chikorita can also use their leaves to detect humidity in the air and check the temperature. It is the Johto region’s grass-type starter.

Chikorita is the tallest of all the unevolved starters. Originally in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Chikorita’s body was yellow though it was changed in to green in Crystal to match its official artwork. In the anime, Chikorita has had the most trainers out of all the Johto starters. Chikorita’s body could resemble a sort of pod and it’s suspected that its design was loosely based off from a sauropod. Chikorita is the only starter to not have its Japanese name changed for the English release of its generation. Despite there being a one in seven chance of getting a female Chikorita, Ash in the Pokemon anime had one, which eventually evolved. Chikorita’s name derives from ‘chicory’, which is a flowering plant, and ‘ita’ is a feminine Spanish suffix that stands for something young or small.
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Pokemon Umbreon

By Anonymous

You have heard of an Eevee, that I’m sure of. Eevee is a nice Pokemon, resembles a dog, well sort of. Did you know that Eevee has seven different evolutions? I’m sure you have. There were three evolution known as Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon in the Kanto region. In Johto there is Umbreon and Espeon. There are no new Eevee evolutions in Hoenn, and in Sinnoh there is Leafeon and Glaceon. The one that we’ll take a look at is Umbreon.

Umbreon is a favorite among most people when it comes down to Eevee evolutions. Mainly because Umbreon has red eyes and is black colored, he really looks like a Pokemon you can hug and cuddle next to. Umbreon has some yellow rings throughout it’s body, I believe they glow. Umbreon is not much of a powerful fighter, he does however have defense stats that most legendaries would have. He would be a great defensive Pokemon. Now, what am I doing explaining Umbreon when you don’t even know how you can get one? By evolving Eevee of course!
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Johto Starters and Evolutions: The Totodile Line

By: Jo

It’s small, blue, and has a rather big mouth. Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokemon, is the Johto region’s water-type starter. Totodile are known to be playful and silly, and always find the time to laugh at themselves as well as others. They enjoy biting on things and sometimes even end up biting their trainers too.

According to its pokedex entries, Totodile enjoy chomping down on anything that seems to move. At times, that includes its trainer. Though because of its well-developed jaws, it has to be careful because even a nip to them can end up causing a serious injury. Though it is small, it is considered ‘rough and tough’ which may be a reference to its skin. Totodile is the tallest and heaviest of all water-type starters. Along with Turtwig, Totodile evolves at the highest level a starter Pokemon can evolve at. Totodile is the only Pokemon able to learn Dragon Claw through breeding, though can’t learn it through TM (that was reversed in Generation V). Totodile is based off from a baby crocodile. Its name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘tot’ and ‘crocodile’.
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Pokemon Johto Region Part 2

By Factory White Head

I’m back with Johto Part 2! We’re wrapping this up with Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Lugia! Maybe now we might be able to put this legendary cat/dog debate to rest. Haha. Ha. Yeah, I’m doubtful, but let’s take a look anyway, shall we?

But before we do, have you heard of the two stories regarding the beasts? Because they were created in the second generation, it’s been thought that the three Pokemon who died in the destruction of Brass Tower were a Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon, who were resurrected as Raikou, Entei, and Suicune respectively. The Eeveelutions are important in Ecruteak City as it is, due to the Dance Theatre’s Kimono Girls using them in battle. It’s an interesting theory, but debatable.

Another interesting story regards the typing of the beasts. Raikou represents the lightning that struck the tower, Entei represents the fire, and Suicune represents the rain that put out the flames. It gives some depth to their backstory.

Anyway, back to the analysis.
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Pokemon Johto Region Part 1

By Factory White Head

It’s been a while, but I’m back with my series on Japanese-influenced Pokemon! This time, we’re in Johto, one of the most popular regions among Pokemon fans. In my first article, I’ll be discussing some fan-favorite Pokemon, as well as a few oddities. In the second, I’ll be covering the Pokemon legendary beasts, along with the star of Pokemon 2000, Lugia. Let’s get rolling then!
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Ash’s Traveling Companions

By Jo

The Pokemon anime has been centered around Ash Ketchum from the very beginning. In his quest to become a Pokemon Master, he and his beloved Pikachu have traveled to many different regions and befriended trainers of all sorts. Though some of those trainers have been affected by Ash more than others, even to the point of where they’d decided to go off on their own adventures with him. They’ve stood by his side, aiding him in times of distress and have added to the plot of the show. Without them, the anime probably wouldn’t be where it is today – on its 14th season. Continue reading “Ash’s Traveling Companions”

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Johto Region Pokemon Part 5

By Amanda

Ampharos is an electric type Pokemon, known as the light Pokemon, and known as Denryu in Japan. It can learn strong moves like thunder punch, signal beam, and thunder. It’s the final evolution stage of Mareep, which Mareep evolves into Flaaffy at level 15, and then into Ampharos at level 30.

Cleffa is a normal type and is known as the star shaped Pokemon, and known as Pii in Japan. It can learn attacks like magical leaf, sing, and copycat, but it can only learn five moves through level up. Cleffa is the pre evolved form of Clefairy.

Igglybuff is a normal type, known as the balloon Pokemon, and known as Pupurin in Japan. It can learn attacks like pound, and sweet kiss, but it can only learn four moves through level up. Igglybuff is the pre evolved form of Jigglypuff.

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