Pokemon Johto, Second Gym

By Anonymous

Just beat Falkner, the first gym leader. This must mean your still in Violet City. You need to head down to Azalea Town to challenge the second gym leader. On your way to Azalea Town, on the very entrance to Azalea Town you’ll see the entrance a well. In this well, or I should say the Slowpoke Well, you will find it has been taken over by Team Rocket. You will meet a man named Kurt, he will later be important. By the time you get to the end of the Slowpoke Well you will find a Rocket Executive he tells you that their mission is to cut Slowpoke Tails. He executive’s name is Proton, his Pokemon will be just around your levels to defeat, it may be sort of a fight but you could handle it. After the well is saved the Azalea Town gym should be open. But the man named Kurt, what was he doing? He is the famous Kurt that can make special Pokeballs from Apricorns. These Pokeballs can help you capture Pokemon on your journey, but this isn’t what we’re talking about.

Let’s head to the Azalea Town gym. This gym is a bug type Pokemon gym. You will be fighting a lot of Pokemon that look of the insect nature. The leader is Bugsy, he is known as The Walking Bug Pokemon Encyclopedia. He researches bug type Pokemon and therefore will put up a fight. When you get to him and challenge him to a match, the first Pokemon he will send out is a Scyther. Scyther is his most powerful Pokemon, it is also holding a Sitrus Berry. This berry will restore the health of this Scyther if it gets too low. The Scyther knows Quick Attack which is a more powerful version of Tackle that always goes first. He also knows U-Turn in which the Scyther will attack and then return so another Pokemon can be sent out.

The second Pokemon Bugsy has is a Metapod, the only move it knows is Tackle. You should be able to take it down quicky, but he could have some defense. Just take him down usually, the Metapod will eventually faint. The last Pokemon he has is a Kakuna. This Kakuna only knows Poison Sting, which is a pretty weak poision type attack, but it may poison your Pokemon if used. Take it down and it should eventually faint. If you win, you will be awarded with the Hive Badge. The second badge in the Johto region.

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