Panpour And Simipour

By Jo

When I first saw the elemental monkeys, I really didn’t understand their purpose. They had the same typing as the three Unova starters, and came off as being a bit strange. Though I was finally able to understand their purpose once I played through the game with a monkey of my own.

Panpour is the last member of the elemental monkey trio to be listed in the pokedex. It is known as the Spray Pokemon. Panpour appears to be based off from a monkey, though it also shares physical features with the water. Unlike the other two monkeys, it has a pattern on its chest similar to a blue shirt, rather than the ‘pants’ patterns that Pansage and Pansear have. Probably because of this, only the very tip of its tail is colored the same shade blue as its ‘shirt’, the tip being shaped like a clover. Panpour’s upper half of its face is also colored blue, as well as its ears and wave-shaped ‘hair’. The rest of its body is cream colored, its hands being mitten-like and lacking digits other than thumbs. Panpour and its evolution are the only Pokemon able to learn the normally TM-exclusive move, Scald, through leveling up. It and its evolution are also the only non-starter Pokemon that have the starter-exclusive ability, Torrent. Its pokedex entries state that the tuft atop its head is filled with nutrients. Plants that receive its water apparently grow fairly large. It does not like dry environments. Because of this, it will keep itself damp by shooting water from its ‘hair’ and tail. Panpour’s name seems to be a combination of the words ‘pan’ (most-likely coming from the word “chimpanzee”) and ‘pour’. Since the three elemental monkeys seem to be a representations of the three wise monkeys, Panpour is most-likely the ‘see no evil’ as its and its evolution’s eyes are closed at all times.

Panpour is only able to evolve into its final form, Simipour, when exposed to a Water Stone. Simipour, the Geyser Pokemon, is a bit larger than it’s pre-evolution and is the only member of the monkey evolutions to have feminine features. It appears to be wearing a blue shirt or short dress, the collar having white ruffles. Like the other monkey evolutions, Simipour has individual fingers and toes. It has flowing blue ‘hair’ that curls at the ends in 50’s fashion and the tip of its tail is blue as well and resembles a cloud. Its arms, legs, portions of its waist, lower half of its face and tail are all colored cream. According to its pokedex entries, the tuft on Simipour’s head holds water. When the level runs low, it replenishes it by siphoning water with its tail. Apparently the water from its tail is extremely high pressured, and can break through a concrete wall. Simipour seems to be based off from a monkey, and possibly a fountain. Because it has a water-dwelling, it may be a visual pun on Sea-Monkeys. Simipour’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘simian’ (which are considered ‘higher’ primates and include Old World monkeys and Apes) and ‘pour’.

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