Panpour And Simipour

By Jo

When I first saw the elemental monkeys, I really didn’t understand their purpose. They had the same typing as the three Unova starters, and came off as being a bit strange. Though I was finally able to understand their purpose once I played through the game with a monkey of my own.

Panpour is the last member of the elemental monkey trio to be listed in the pokedex. It is known as the Spray Pokemon. Panpour appears to be based off from a monkey, though it also shares physical features with the water. Unlike the other two monkeys, it has a pattern on its chest similar to a blue shirt, rather than the ‘pants’ patterns that Pansage and Pansear have. Probably because of this, only the very tip of its tail is colored the same shade blue as its ‘shirt’, the tip being shaped like a clover. Panpour’s upper half of its face is also colored blue, as well as its ears and wave-shaped ‘hair’. The rest of its body is cream colored, its hands being mitten-like and lacking digits other than thumbs. Panpour and its evolution are the only Pokemon able to learn the normally TM-exclusive move, Scald, through leveling up. It and its evolution are also the only non-starter Pokemon that have the starter-exclusive ability, Torrent. Its pokedex entries state that the tuft atop its head is filled with nutrients. Plants that receive its water apparently grow fairly large. It does not like dry environments. Because of this, it will keep itself damp by shooting water from its ‘hair’ and tail. Panpour’s name seems to be a combination of the words ‘pan’ (most-likely coming from the word “chimpanzee”) and ‘pour’. Since the three elemental monkeys seem to be a representations of the three wise monkeys, Panpour is most-likely the ‘see no evil’ as its and its evolution’s eyes are closed at all times.
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Best Wishes Episode 005 Review

By Trainer_Auro

Two starters in a row. I think we can all tell what comes next! First the water typed Oshawott, and then the fire typed Tepig, all that’s left is the grass typed Snivy. But that’s something for another episode. Last time, Ash entered a town, thinking it was Striaton, only to find that it was actually the Gymless Accumula. This episode, we waste no time, and see that it is in fact Striaton he’s seeing. Looks like we’re in for a gym battle! Introductions aside, it’s time for a play-by-play review.

Warning, the following WILL contain spoilers.

I recommend you watch this series on your own, but if you’re in a hurry, want another opinion, or just don’t feel like watching, this will be quick, and to the point without losing the details.
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Pokemon In The Unova Region Part 2

By Amanda

Pansage is a grass type and is one of the three monkeys  found in Pokemon Black and White.  It’s also known as Yanappu in Japan and is the main Pokémon Dento has in the anima.  It has strong attacks like seed bomb and acrobat and can evolve into Yanakkie through the use of the leaf stone.  Pansear is a fire type and is one of the three monkey Pokémon.  It’s known as Baoppu in Japan, and knows powerful attacks like bursting flame and fire blast.  It can evolve into Baokkie if you use a fire stone.  Panpour is a water type and is one of the three monkey Pokémon.  It’s also known as Hiyappu in Japan, and has strong moves like boiling water and brine.  It can evolve into Hiyakkie by using a water stone.
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