Pokemon In The Unova Region Part 2

By Amanda

Pansage is a grass type and is one of the three monkeys  found in Pokemon Black and White.  It’s also known as Yanappu in Japan and is the main Pokémon Dento has in the anima.  It has strong attacks like seed bomb and acrobat and can evolve into Yanakkie through the use of the leaf stone.  Pansear is a fire type and is one of the three monkey Pokémon.  It’s known as Baoppu in Japan, and knows powerful attacks like bursting flame and fire blast.  It can evolve into Baokkie if you use a fire stone.  Panpour is a water type and is one of the three monkey Pokémon.  It’s also known as Hiyappu in Japan, and has strong moves like boiling water and brine.  It can evolve into Hiyakkie by using a water stone.

Pidove is a pigeon Pokémon, and a normal and flying type Pokémon. It has strong attacks like air slash, razor wind and sky attack.  It can evolve into Hatoopoo at level 21, and Kenhorou at level 32.  Pidove is also one of Ash’s Pokémon in the anima, and was the first one he caught on his journey.  Blitzle is an electric horse Pokémon, and is also known as Shimama in Japan.  It’s an electric type Pokémon, and knows strong moves like discharge, and wild charge.  It can evolve into Zeburaika at level 27.  Munna is a psychic type Pokémon and is also known as the dream eater.  It has powerful moves like zen headbutt, psychic, and dream eater.  It can evolve into Musharna with the use of a moon stone.  Both Munna and Musharna were also shown together in an episode in Pokémon Best Wishes.  Woobat, also known as Koromori in Japan, is a psychic and flying type and is known as the bat Pokémon.  It has strong moves like heart stamp, psychic, and air slash.  It can evolve into Kokoromori when its trust is at its max.  Woobat is also one of Jessie’s Pokémon she caught in the Unova region.  Tabunne is a normal type, and is known as the healing Pokémon.  It has strong attacks like secret power, and double- edge.  Tabunne is like Chansey, where every Nurse Joy in the Unova region has one in the anima.

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