Pokemon Canvas Plush Collecting

By Jessie Paddington

Pokemon collectors collect many different things. Figures, cards, promo cards, plush toys, pokedolls, charms, keychains, and much more. I collect Pokemon canvas plush toys. Canvas plush are different from normal Pokemon plushies, tomy plush toys, pokedolls, and other stuffed toys. The Pokemon canvas plushies are smaller than most of the other Pokemon stuffed toys that you will find. Since they are smaller, they seem to have more detail. Take the Eevee evolution canvas plushies for example. They are some of the nicest ones I have ever seen. They cost a fortune at the moment because of their popularity and the fact that they sold out back in 2009. But these are worth every penny.  They are so small and cute. The eyes are the best part. Each character has very nicely stitched eyes. In addition, they are put together really nicely. Not like some of the cheaper made plush toys that you will see. The seams are nicely put together. There is no loose thread or bad sewing. True, they are quite small when compared to other plushies, but then again, the best things don’t always come in large packages.

The main difference between these type of plushies and pokedolls for example is the fact that the canvas plush are like a combination of a beanbag and a plush toy. They have a small amount of beans inside, but not enough to be called a beanbag toy. They have just enough to give them a little weight so they stand up. The material on the plush is also really soft. Very nice craftsmanship went into making them.

They come with a nice yellow tag featuring Smeargle painting a canvas. Thus the name “canvas” plush. The tag also has a picture of the character on it. This is to slow down bootlegging and counterfeiting (notice that I didn’t say stop as there isn’t any way to stop it). Each character has its own picture on its tag. Not like the old Pokedolls that just had the generic pokeball tag that was easily counterfeited by sellers in Hong Kong and China.

If anyone is thinking of what kind of plush to collect, I highly recommend the Pokemon canvas plush toys. If you buy them when they first go on sale, the prices are reasonable and there isn’t as many of them to collect as some of the Pokemon pokedolls and tomy plush toys. Plus, the best part is that they are small and don’t take up so much room in your house.

I have managed to put together quite a collection of canvas Pokemon.  Since I have been collecting them for several years I have managed to get just about all of them. There are still a few that elude me, but I will eventually catch them all.

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