Pokemon In The Unova Region Part 1

By Amanda

Snivy, also known as Tsutarja in Japan, is one of the best grass starter Pokemon yet.  Not only does it know strong grass moves like leaf blade, leaf storm, but also some new attacks like grass mixer, and grass oath.  In its final evolution, it looks like a snake, loosing its limbs in each stage.  In the anima, Ash owns a female snivy, shown to be very powerful. Oshawott, also known as Mijumaru in Japan is a Water type Pokemon available in Black and White.  It’s known as a sea otter  that has a shell it can detach from its belly to use to attack or defend itself.  It has powerful attacks such as shell blade and aqua tail, and can learn the move water oath.  It also appears in the anima, being one of the Pokemon Ash caught in the Unova region.  Tepig, also known as Pokabu in Japan is a fire type.  Known as the pig Pokemon, it has strong fire types attacks like nitro charge and heat stamp.  It can also learn fire oath, an attack if combined with another oath attack can change the field.  It’s also one of Ash’s Pokemon he caught in the Unova region as well.

Zorua is a dark type Pokemon that can evolve into Zoroark.  It was first shown in its first movie with Zoroark before Pokemon Black and White came out.  It’s only found in Black and White through sending over a special Celebi into the games.  It has strong attacks like trickery and night burst.  Zoroark is a dark type that was also shown in the thirteenth movie.  It is only available in Black and White by sending over either the shiny beasts, being Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.  It has strong attacks like night slash and punishment.  Zekrom is a legendary Pokemon, and is also known as the deep black Pokemon.  It’s a dragon and electric type and has powerful moves like cross thunder, lightning strike, and outrage.  It’s only available in Pokemon White when you battle N at the Pokemon league.  Reshiram is a legendary Pokemon also known as the vast white Pokemon.  It’s only available in Pokemon Black when you battle N in the league.  It is a dragon and fire type and has powerful attacks like cross flame and blue fire.

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