Pokemon Center Starter Evolution Plushies

By Sam Clements (Almiraswolf)

Its very rare that the Pokemon center or even Banpresto releases
plushies of all three of a starter Pokemon’s evolutions. Now we are at
generation 5 fans got a nice surprise when it was announced that
Tsutarja (Snivy), Pokabu (Tepig) and Mijumaru (Oshawott) would be
getting plushies of their evolutionary lines. These plush were
released in 2010, before Christmas about a month after each other.

Pokemon center’s own plush are not Tomy, Banpresto or Pokedoll. They
are a new series of plush dolls that are unique and like most
merchandise – will eventually sell out (generally items are simply
retired or a limited number of items are produced to being with –
which is why it is best to buy an item you want as soon as it is
released. When an item is no longer available its value increases and
it becomes harder to find). They are soft and made of “minky fabric”
the same material used on the Pokemon Pokedolls and recent Tomy plush
releases. Each plush is also in proportion to its middle and final
evolution plush; smallest to biggest (you can see this in the photo).

Snivy Evolutions
Snivy (Tsutarja), Servine (Janovy) & Serperior (Jalorda) Plush

The Pokemon plushies are very well detailed, soft and a perfect likeness to
the character artwork. I especially like that the detailing (eyes,
patterns etc) are all embroiled. The colours of the fabric are all
very vibrant and accurate. Tsutarja measures 6 inches tall, Jyanobii
the middle evolution measures 8 inches tall, and the final evolution;
Jarlorda measures about 11 inches tall – but most of this plushies
size is in its length (its slightly curled, like a snake). All three
plush are simply stuffed and do not have wire inside so cant stand on
their own, however this isn’t a problem as I always have mind sat
against other Pokemon plushies on my bed anyway. I like all three very much
but my favourite is Tsutarja because it is small and cute – easy to
put in your bag and take with you on your travels!

I purchased Tsutarja and its two evolutions: Jyanobii and Jalorda, as
each plush was released at the Pokemon center. I ordered all three
plush from hardrock-pokemon.com (picked up on day of release, and
dispatched very quickly to me! I am in the UK and each plush arrived
from Japan in about 5 working days).

I would also like to mention that over the years, the plushies
released by the Pokemon Center surprise me time and time again – the
likeness of the plush in comparison to the artwork of the character
just keeps getting better! And the quality is always very high.
Plushies were more commonly made with a velboa type fake fur (short
pile) a few years ago which is still nice but not as soft as the new
minky fabric.

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  1. Hello my name is cash when I would really like your Pokemon Plushies if they are the last ones I will take him whoever this person is I really love Pokemon I collect plushies to so please can I have them thank you

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