Best Wishes Episode 005 Review

By Trainer_Auro

Two starters in a row. I think we can all tell what comes next! First the water typed Oshawott, and then the fire typed Tepig, all that’s left is the grass typed Snivy. But that’s something for another episode. Last time, Ash entered a town, thinking it was Striaton, only to find that it was actually the Gymless Accumula. This episode, we waste no time, and see that it is in fact Striaton he’s seeing. Looks like we’re in for a gym battle! Introductions aside, it’s time for a play-by-play review.

Warning, the following WILL contain spoilers.

I recommend you watch this series on your own, but if you’re in a hurry, want another opinion, or just don’t feel like watching, this will be quick, and to the point without losing the details.


Ash walks through the streets of town, taking in the sights, and once again, getting excited for his first gym battle. He pumps himself up, saying that he was going to challenge the gym, when Iris bursts his bubble -again. It seems to be a favorite past time of hers- by asking if he even knew where the gym was. Iris feeds her Axew a snack, and as it eats, we hear a new voice from off-screen. It belongs to a green haired boy with a large green bowtie. He compliments Iris’ Axew in a poetic manner, saying that it was a perfect partner for Iris.

Pikachu expresses its confusion, and the green haired boy lifts it off Ash’s shoulder, examining it, surprised at seeing a Pikachu in Unova. Ash introduces himself, telling the newcomer that he was from the Kanto region. The newcomer introduces himself as Cilan (Dent) saying that he is a “Pokemon Sommelier.” For those who aren’t familiar, Sommelier is a French word for a wine taste-tester. He goes on to explain that a Pokemon Sommelier is someone who diagnosis the relationship between trainer and Pokemon, and gives advice on how they could be better partners. (As opposed to someone who eats Pokemon. I don’t think Pikachu would appreciate it if Cilan took a bite out of it.) Ash asks Cilan if he knew where the Gym was, and Cilan happily leads the way. Ash bursts through the front door, yelling out that he wants to challenge the- hang on. This is a restaurant… Two waiters wearing outfits that are strikingly similar to Cilan’s, only with different hair and different bow-ties, greet Ash. The three of them (being the two waiters, and Cilan, who is unmistakably one of them) seat Ash at a table, and begin to wait on him, making suggestions, and preparing to take his order. Ash loses patience, and yells out that he just wants a gym battle.

Everyone in the restaurant grows excited at the possibility of a gym battle, and Cilan reveals that he is in fact the gym leader. The other two say that they are the triplet gym leaders. (All the girls squeal at their fabulousness) The wall shifts, and reveals a gym stadium. Cilan tells Ash to choose his opponent; either himself, Chili (Pod) or Cress (Cornn). Each of them have one Pokemon, and reveal their Pokemon before Ash makes his choice.

The red haired Chili has Pansear (Boappu) a fire type monkey Pokemon, the blue haired Cress has Panpour (Hiyappu) a water type monkey Pokemon, and Cilan has Pansage (Yanappu) a grass type monkey Pokemon, finishing the trio. Ash shocks everyone (well, maybe not the viewers) by saying he’ll challenge all of them.

The three gym leaders accept, saying that if Ash could beat two of the three of them, he’d win the badge. First off is Chili. Ash chooses to use Tepig to battle, even though Oshawott would have been the better choice. He says that he had chosen to fight his first gm battle with Tepig, which is why he was using it, even with the typing stalemate. Tepig starts off with a tackle attack, which connects. Pansear easily recovers however, to Ash’s surprise. (Though I can’t imagine why he would be surprised by this) Pansear then connects a fire Punch, and as Tepig tries to recover from the attack, launches a Flamethrower. Tepig tries to block with Ember, but the stronger attack ploughs right through the desperate defence, and hits its target. Pansear continues the onslaught with Dig. It burrows underground, and attacks Tepig form below. Tepig stands up with difficulty, and Pansear goes back underground. Tepig is hit once again, and Pansear goes around for a third underground attack, but Tepig dives into the hole, and bites Pansear’s tail. Pansear tries to get it off by slamming it into the ground, but Tepig get back up, and swings the monkey around before throwing it across the arena. Tepig finishes off with an ember, followed by a tackle attack.

Ash wins the first round, but needs two to win the match. Next up is the water user; Cress, and his Panpour. Ash smartly decides to use the advantaged Electric type Pikachu. Pikachu starts off with a quick attack, but Panpour defends with double team, and counters with scratch. Cress says that even though Pikachu had the type advantage, it couldn’t compete with his Panpour. He then tells it to use water gun, but Pikachu jumps out of the water, and attacks with thunderbolt. Panpour throws Pikachu off balance by using water gun on the ground by Pikachu’s feet. It then aims higher while Pikachu is off balance, and rushes in for a series of scratch attacks. Pikachu gets back up, and charges for its signature move; Volt Tackle. Cress taunts, saying that his anti-electric defence was perfect. He orders Panpour to use Mud Sport, which cancels out Pikachu’s electric move. He then finishes off with one last water gun, knocking Pikachu out without taking a single hit. (Impressive considering Pikachu should be level 100 by now.)

Cut away to Team Rocket, in the sewers, communicating with Giovanni. He tells them to go to “the site of dreams,” a place near Striaton city where a lab used to be located that was researching a new form of energy. This energy was rumoured to be able to make dreams a reality. He then transfers data to them for a mecha. (Classic Team Rocket)

The third and final round of Ash’s gym battle is against Cilan, the green haired Sommelier. He uses the grass type Pansage. Ash decides to use… Oshawott. (Despite Pidove being the best choice, as Iris says) Oshawott feels the same way, obviously not thrilled with Ash’s choice. Ash encourages Oshawott, and tells it to use Tackle. Pansage easily sidesteps the clumsy attack, and uses Bullet Seed. Oshawott bravely runs away, rubbing its behind where it is struck. Pansage then uses Bite on Oshawott’s head, clamping on as the otter runs around helplessly. It only lets go as Oshawott is about to run face first into a rock. Ash tells Oshawott to use water gun, but the nimble Pansage dances around the bursts of water until Oshawott gets tired out. Finally, as Pansage jumps high into the air, Oshawott gets a hit in, but Pansage recovers, smirking. Cilan says that there might be a good connection in there. (Referring to Ash and Oshawott’s bond) Pansage stops playing around, and begins charging a Solarbeam attack. It fires the attack off at the mortified water type, and the episode ends on a cliff-hanger.

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