Jirachi Wish Maker Movie Synopsis Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

Millenium Comet Day #1

Ash, May and Brock looks at the sky and get dissapointed that the sky is getting cloudy. Max talks with his crystal, when sudently, everyone stares at the sky, seeing the clouds fading away. Brock talks how about the world can change in a thousand years. The clouds then go off, revealing the Millenium Comet. Max is asleep with the crystal in his arms. May then starts singing her mother’s lullaby (which is actually the Japanese Ending theme of the movie). As Max sleeps, the crystal glows, goes off Max’s hands then float in the air. Then, a mysterious light surrounds it, and Jirachi appears!

Max introduce everyone to Jirachi. Diane then comes and Ash tells him that the prophecy was true. Diane tells them to pass the night in her bus. Inside, Max asks about wishes, then want snacks. At first, everyone said Jirachi can’t grant wishes until Ash saw a bag of potato chips on Max’s legs. Then, more and more snacks appears, filling the whole bus! The doors then open, with Diane with Butler coming and asking what happened. Max tells them he wished for candy, and hid wish came true! Diane picks up some cheese puffs, look at them then says those are the same from the snack-bar. Butler then tells this happened because Jirachi can teleports things away from space-time.

For a few seconds, we can see the snack-bar owner yelling he’s ruined because of a Pokemon. May then gets irate and blames Max for this. Ashamed, he asks what should he and Jirachi should do. Brock suggest teleporting the candy back to the store where they came from. If Jirachi was able to get the candies from the store, it could also teleport them back there. May yells at Jirachi to ‘get rid of the problem’. Jirachi agrees, but fot its point of view, ‘the problem’ to get rid of was May, not the snacks! It teleports May in the load of snacks, and falls asleep. Butler tells Max that Jirachi is simply regenerating itself, as it won’t dissapear until the next week, when the comet will be gone. Ash, Brock and May then brings back the candies back to the store by themselves.

Millenium Comet Day #2

Ash and Brocks are now Butler’s new clowns for a while. Max goes to the amusement park with Jirachi and have fun the whole day. At twilight, Absol can be seen rushing to the park. May folds the ‘Day 2 of the Wishing Star’ while she’s carrying something heavy, but his a leg of wood. Jirachi then steals Max’s glasses, and runs after it. But Max hears an eerie sound coming from the mirror. The mirror breaks, revealing Absol! Absol runs after Max. May, seeing her brother in danger, summons Torchic, but its attacks does nothing to Absol. Butler then says that Absol only appears before a great tragedy.

Pikachu then shocks Absol, even madder than before. As it went bashing through the gang, Butler opens a booby-trap and Absol falls into it. The trap then release a cage with Absol in it. Kirlia then uses Hypnosis to calm the beast. During night, May sits on a rock and fold the ‘Day 2 of the Wishing Star’ and then notices Butler going back to the tent with something. That’s right, it’s Jirachi! Butler puts it on some machine that would create a Groudon, to get revenge on Team Magma, who fired him and made a mockery of his Magical tricks. He then asks jirachi to open its true eye ‘Millenium Eye’ but Jirachi refuses.

Dusclops then starts torturing Jirachi until its Millenium Eye is opened. Absol was actually there to protect Jirachi from Butler…but it can’t do a thing since it’s in a cage. The gang then sees a beam coming out of the tent. Butler’s machines explodes, and Max rushes to a severly injured Jirachi. He then flees but Dusclops blocks him. Absol then breaks free of the cage and KOs Dusclops. Butler then send his Mightyena to run after Diane’s bus. Mightyena then sticks some sort of GPS under the bus, which allow Butler to keep track of all their movements.



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