Jirachi Wish Maker Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

Millenium Comet Day #3

Diane is driving everyone out across some very bumpy terrain, when Ash falls down, with May, Max and Jirachi laughs. When night comes, Brock starts cooking and May closes the ‘Day 3 of the Wishing Star’ and then join Diane in the bus. She tells her that she and Butler were childhood friends, and the last time she saw a delighted Butler was long ago, before the Groudon Project. She just wanted him as a magician, not someone with all-powerful mythology Pokemon.

Millenium Comet Day #4

Ash and Max have fun at skipping stones on the lake, and Max wins. That same night, May takes her Wish Maker then fold the panel of ‘Day 4 of the Wishing Star’. Max is getting nervous so he went to see Ash near the Lake. Ash tells him that he, too, once had a friend but they had to separate each other and they never met each other since then. But he claim his pal will be in his heart, so does will Jirachi be in Max’s heart.

Millenium Comet Day #5

The bus manges to get stuck in the mud, so everyone helps out. Afterwards, everyone is covered in mud, and all laughs. May then takes her Wish Maker then fold the panel of ‘Day 5 of the Wishing Star’. Each time she does so, Max become sad as this only tells him that he and Jirachi will part ways soon.

Millenium Comet Day #6

The gang arrives at Forina, Jirachi’s home place. Many other Pokemon lives there, such as Nuzleaf, Breloom, Tropius, Linoone, Flygon, Altaria etc… The gang is then greeted by Absol, showing them Forina. May clears ‘Day 6 of the Wishing Star’. Only 24 hours left… Max can’t get to sleep as he worries about the little thing.

Millenium Comet Day #7

Absol leads the gang to a cave, the same cave Jirachi absorbs the comet’s power and falls asleep for another 1000 years. As Jirachi was going to open his Millenium Eye, spikes comes out of the walls and purple energy beams capture Jirachi! Butler is finally gonna bring Groudon back to life. Then he sets all the machines A-OK, while Absol and Flygon breaks the spikes. Flygon takes Ash and Max to a ride, and they managed to get Jirachi back, while Butler sends his Salamence to fight agaist them.

Groudon is slowly rising as Butler watches. Groudon is then completely formed as the gang stand behind it. Groudon then starts sucking energy from the earth as Absol attacks it. Groudon’s left claws then becomes slimy blue-green tentacles and engulfs Absol away! Groudon rear spikes becomes tentacles, too, chasing every Pokemon. Team Rocket then arrives, but gets engulfed as Groudon was trying to get the Altarias. A scene is then shown in Groudon’s stomach ; Absol, many Pokemon and Team Rocket! Other Pokemon are geeting ‘eaten’ while Butler claims this isn’t the Groudon he wanted, as if Groudon was an evil beast!

Having the taste not only for Pokemon energy, but also human energy, Groudon was going to eat Butler, but Diane blocks the tentacle and get sucked in instead! Butler realises how to stop Groudon ; put Jirachi back on the machine and reverse the polarity. With the help of Ash, he gets to the machine, while May and Brock gets eaten! Butler makes an ill movement and drops the shard with Groudon’s data but Ash manages to catch it and bringing it back to Butler. As soon as the machine is started, Groudon approaches and lauches its tentacles on Jirachi, but Butler shields Jirachi and get sucked instead.

Groudon, angry, pour its gooey substance over the machine, but Jirachi starts glowing. Groudon is slowly dragged by a white meteor made by Jirachi to the Millenium Comet, and then explodes, releasing all Pokemon and human alike it ate. Jirachi then descends the sky and asks Max one final wish ; the lullaby. Everyone starts singing while Jirachi returns inside the crystal who sink in the earth. Max cries for a short time, and wishes Jirachi a good night and sweet dreams.


The End of the Millenium Comet


Butler and Diane stays in Forina’s untamed nature, as they leave the group. Brock reminds May of last night, and she takes her Wish Maker, only to see that she didn’t fold the ‘Day 7 of the Wishing Star’ but says it doesn’t matter after all. As the group leaves, Jirachi talks to Max using telepathy and say that they will always stay best friends forever.


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