Pokemon Johto, First Gym

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In the Johto region, you must begin your journey with a starter, you get your starter from Professor Elm. Professor Elm gives trainer one of three Pokemon at level five. The grass type Chikorita, the fire type Cyndaquil, and the water type Totodile. Choose one and begin your journey. A trainers number one goal is to gather the eight gym badges of whatever region they start in. These regions are Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the new Unova region. As stated above this will be in the Johto region. The very first gym you need to go to is in Violet City. Violet City is also home of the Sprout Tower, I suggest you take a look in there before anything else. The Ruins of Alph are also around that area. Solve the puzzles and you can encounter the mysterious Unown, they are psychic type Pokemon that have only the one move of Hidden Power.

With that being said, let’s us go to the very first gym in the Johto region. The Violet City gym is a flying type gym. The leader is Falkner, who is said to be The Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon. So be prepared for a fight in the first gym! This will be sort of tough if you chose a Chikorita due to the weakness a grass type has with flying type Pokemon. Even if you choose Cyndaquil his Pokemon can use Mud-Slap which is a ground type attack and fire types have a weakness to ground. Let’s get on with the match, shall we?

The first Pokemon Falkner will send out is a Pidgey and level nine. The only moves it has are Tackle and Sand Attack. You should be able to defeat it, Sand Attack can lower your accuracy making it so your attacks are more likely to miss the opponent. Tackle is just the basic normal type move that most Pokemon at low levels have. Once the Pidgey is taken down, Falkner will send out his second Pokemon. This is also his last Pokemon and the most powerful Pokemon he owns.

It is a Pidgeotto, the same Tackle attack is its first move it knows. It also knows the flying type attack Gust, which can really harm a Chikorita in battle. Apparently it doesn’t know Mud Slap, I based this battle upon my battle with his Pokemon way back in the original Silver version. In the newer generation Falkner’s Pokemon don’t know Mud Slap. The Pidgeotto also has Roost which restores it’s HP. This makes it tough to take down. If you win you will be awarded with the Zephyr Badge, the first gym badge in the Johto Pokemon League.

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