Pokemon Umbreon

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You have heard of an Eevee, that I’m sure of. Eevee is a nice Pokemon, resembles a dog, well sort of. Did you know that Eevee has seven different evolutions? I’m sure you have. There were three evolution known as Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon in the Kanto region. In Johto there is Umbreon and Espeon. There are no new Eevee evolutions in Hoenn, and in Sinnoh there is Leafeon and Glaceon. The one that we’ll take a look at is Umbreon.

Umbreon is a favorite among most people when it comes down to Eevee evolutions. Mainly because Umbreon has red eyes and is black colored, he really looks like a Pokemon you can hug and cuddle next to. Umbreon has some yellow rings throughout it’s body, I believe they glow. Umbreon is not much of a powerful fighter, he does however have defense stats that most legendaries would have. He would be a great defensive Pokemon. Now, what am I doing explaining Umbreon when you don’t even know how you can get one? By evolving Eevee of course!

In the first set of Johto days that was when night and day effects were made. So I think they chose Umbreon and Espeon for this reason. You get Espeon by friendship in the daytime. To get Umbreon, that’s right, friendship during the night! In the anime Gary Oak, Ash’s rival for the first few seasons uses an Umbreon. It was an Eevee given to him by his grandfather Professor Oak. It evolved into an Umbreon later on and is pretty powerful. Umbreon is a dark type Pokemon, which was introduced in Johto along with steel type Pokemon. Karen of the Johto Elite Four uses an Umbreon. I think it is one of her strongest.

In Pokemon Colosseum for Gamecube way back in the day instead of choosing one of the normal, everyday grass, water or fire type Pokemon as a starter, you begin with Espeon and an Umbreon. Almost all battles are done in double, so you have both of the Johto Eevee evolutions on your side. They are nice together, but one is already fine to use on a team. Espeon for special attacks, and an Umbreon for the defensive side. So what do you think of Umbreon?

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