For the Player and Collector: HS Triumphant

By The Pidgeot

Hello again, I just finished opening my HS Triumphant booster box and I must say I had fun opening it. Then again who would not love to open booster boxes. From this box I must say I got pretty lucky with the ultra rare cards. I pulled five, very good, very playable prime cards; Celebi, Magnezone, Machamp, Mew and Gengar primes. I even pulled three legend pieces completing one of the two legends from this set. But enough about what I pulled, I’m here to inform you all once again the ups and downs of the HS Triumphant Set. To me this set probably is a more positive set added to the pokemon TCG world than negative. So lets get to it!

This time I will start off with the negative aspects of the HS Triumphant set. Well you see, there really is not anything bad or negative about this set. So without further ado time to move onto the positive side of HS Triumphant.

So much for this set having any bad stuff about it right? Well here is the good, great, awesome, whatever positive thing you want to say about this set, not only for the pokemon TCG players, but also for those avid pokemon TCG collectors.

Let me begin with the good news for you pokemon TCG players. This set is full with rare cards and ultra rare cards all to help out your deck, or give you some great ideas for some new decks. One card in particular has become so hyped that the time before the Call of Legends set came out was only $15 for a single card, went all the way up to $40 to $50 each. The card I am talking about is Gengar Prime, with its “Hurl into the Darkness” attack, which lets you look into your opponents hand and put any pokemon card from their hand into the lost zone. Which is a great pair with the stadium Lost World from Call of Legends. Other primes are amazing cards with great attacks and poke-powers. You have Mew Prime which will let you choose any pokemon from your deck, put it into the lost zone and use any attack from that pokemon. Magnezone Prime, is a possible replacement for Uxie as a new way for draw power being given the choice to always keep your hand with at least six cards in it. Even the legend card Palkia and Dialga has an attack which adds prize cards to your opponents side. There are even great supporters, a trainer and an energy added to this set, Twins, Seeker, Junk Arm and Rescue Energy, all sure to become some great staple cards in the future. With all of these cards added in this set, pokemon TCG players are sure going to want to get a booster box from this set just to get their hands on these awesome cards.

Onto the collector’s point of view. This set is just full of cards with amazing artwork. All of the pictures for each of the pokemon are just great, you have cards like Mamoswine that looks like someone actually saw one and took a picture of it up close and Nidoking which is a card that looks like it was given a lot of thought and detail to be put into the artwork of that card. Not only do the holographic cards look nice, the commons and uncommon cards look just as nice. On top of all of these great looking cards, you have the prime cards and legend cards all with amazing artwork, it just can not be explained in words. This set is a MUST for any serious collector out there to finish.

No matter if you are a pokemon TCG player or a collector, you are for sure going to want to buy a booster box from this set. Whether it is to get your hands on some play worthy cards or awesome artwork for pokemon this set is the way to go.

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