Pokemon Johto, Fourth Gym

By Anonymous

Now that you’ve beaten the third Johto gym in Goldenrod City you might want to go to the next gym. There is a tree, a weird tree in the way. You will later find out that the tree is actually a Sudowoodo, a tree looking Pokemon that is actually a rock type. Anyway he was blocking the way to get to the next town. Once arriving in Ecruteak City you will notice that it looks really cool. It seems like autumn in that town because of the leaves. Ecruteak City is probably one of the most ancient towns in the Johto region. It is home of the Burned Tower and the Tin Tower. The Tin Tower is said to be where Ho-oh is at. Ho-oh will only appear to the purest of trainers who have had a big impact on the world by protecting Pokemon. Or at least something of that nature.

The gym leader Morty went to the Tin Tower before hoping Ho-oh has arrived for him. But nothing happened, Ho-oh wasn’t there. The Burned Tower is where Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are at, if you go to the basement where they are at, they will flee and you’ll have to find them and hunt them down on your own in order to capture them. It’s time to get on with the gym though. In the Ecruteak city gym you will notice it is pretty eerie looking in there. That is because it is a ghost type gym. Once you get to the leader Morty, prepare for a horrific battle! He will open with a simple Ghastly, you should be able to take it down easily. Just be careful that its Lick attack doesn’t Paralyze any of your Pokemon. The next Pokemon is a Haunter, be a bit more careful, Haunter is a bit more powerful, it knows Hypnosis which can put your Pokemon asleep, it also knows Dream Eater which is a powerful attack that can only be done if the opponent is asleep.

Next up is another Haunter, this Haunter knows Sucker Punch, it is a fairly powerful attack so you should be careful, it should be easy to take down. The last and most powerful of Morty’s Pokemon is a Gengar, it has a Sitrus Berry to heal itself. You should be able to take it down, it knows Hypnosis and it also has the powerful attack known as Shadow Ball. If you win you will receive the Fog Badge. You are now halfway through with the Johto gyms!

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