Johto Region Pokemon Part 3

By Amanda

Pichu is an electric type Pokemon, which is the pre evolved form of Pikachu.  It’s known as the tiny mouse Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan.  It can learn attacks like thundershock and sweet kiss, but it can only learn four moves through level up.  It appeared in several episodes in the anime as well as in short films before the movie begins.

One example is before Pokemon 3, a short film that stars the Pichu brothers befriending Ash’s Pikachu, and helping it return back to the other Pokemon before time runs out when Ash and friends return.  Noctowl is a flying type which is the evolved form of Hoothoot.  It’s known as the owl Pokemon, and is known as Yorunozuku in Japan.  It can learn several moves like confusion, air slash, and dream eater.  In the anime, Ash caught a rare shiny one during his adventure in the Johto region, being the first shiny Pokemon caught by a main character in the anime.

Togepi is a normal type, and was one of the first Johto Pokemon seen during the first season, being that at the time Togepi isn’t a Kanto region Pokemon, the other being Ho-oh.  It’s known as the spiky ball Pokemon, and is known as Togepii in Japan.  It can learn attacks like ancient power, metronome, and wish.  In the anime, Ash found Togepi as an egg during his adventure in the Kanto region, but Brock kept the egg to care for it.  Once it hatched, it was Misty that Togepi wanted as its trainer, being that it saw Misty first, thinking her as its mother.

Teddiursa is a normal type, and can evolve into Ursaring at level 30.  It’s known as the little bear Pokemon, and known as Himeguma in Japan.    It can learn moves like fake tears, faint attack, and slash.  In the anime, in the Pokemon movie 3, Molly wanted to battle trainers in her dreams; Teddiursa was one of the three Pokemon she used to battle Brock.  In the end, sometime after her father returned, she got a Teddiursa as her own. Ursaring is the evolved form of Teddiursa, being known as the hibernator Pokemon, and known as Ringuma in Japan.  It can learn strong moves like hammer arm, trash, and scary face. In the anime, Paul, one of Ash’s rivals in Sinnoh, owned an Ursaring, being very strong and able to beat Ash’s Pikachu in battle.

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