Pokemon Call Of Legends?

Most of you have heard of the new pokemon trading card set named “Call of Legends.” This set has replaced primes and legends from the earlier sets with shinies. Shinies such as Palkia, Rayquaza, Lugia, Deoxys, Ho-Oh, and even the three legendary dogs. The shinies from these newer sets are a continuation to the older star cards. Unlike primes, these shinies are not allowed in the trading card game. Alike primes the appearance of these cards are similar, the border of a prime is holographic, same with the shinies.

This set is considered good for collectors but not so much TCG players. Some specific cards are very helpful such as lost world and lost remover which are some big deck cards for some players. This set contains 95 cards, which isn’t a big set compared to others. The cards in Call of Legends are very similar to the ones in earlier set such as HeartGold and SoulSilver and HS Undaunted.

They also made a deck box as they do with most sets, there are two types of deck boxes. One with a promotional Lucario and one with a promotional Tangrowth, they both contain a free booster pack and other cards that will help you construct a deck. There will also be blister packs including two packs of “Call of Legends” and 1 pack of Platinum.

Some say that call of legends is just a warm up for the main set which is the new “Black and White.” “Call of Legends” was released in stores on February 9th which was not too long ago. Before the release, some have said that there will only be two or three shinies per box. That rumor has been proven wrong at times but right at others. There has also been many prereleases around the state. I personally think this set isn’t the best but it is good for collectors having the shinies.

Some say this is one of the worst sets that Nintendo has ever made, but some say this set one of the best ones. Which side are you on?

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