Johto Region Pokemon Part 4

By Amanda

Lugia is a psychic and flying type legendary Pokemon, known as the diving Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan.  It has strong attacks like aeroblast, sky attack, and hydro pump.  Lugia starred in one of the Pokemon movies, being Pokemon movie 2000.  It helped Ash make it to Ice Island to get the third treasure to bring balance to the world.  It also starred in three episodes in Pokemon Master Quest season, where the parent Lugia was searching for its child. This is the first time seeing a child legendary Pokemon ever, where the child was kidnapped by Team Rocket, then captured its parent.  Ash and friends helped free the two Lugia and return them back to the wild.  Celebi is a psychic and grass type legendary Pokemon, being known as the time travel Pokemon, and known as Serebii in Japan.  It has the power to go back in time to the past, present, and future.  It has strong attacks like magical leaf, leaf storm, and future sight.

In the anime, it starred in two movies, the first being Pokemon 4 ever, where it was chased by a Pokemon hunter, it went back in time with Sammy, a boy who helped protect it.  In the future Celebi was captured with a dark ball by a hunter who also is part of Team Rocket.  Ash and Sammy helped Celebi remember who it really is and its friends, causing Celebi to be free from the dark ball, but at the cost of its life. Though Suicune recovers a lake that could recover Celebi since it’s pure, but it didn’t work.. It was then that a group of Celebi appeared, and revives Celebi back to life. Then Celebi helped Sammy return back to his original time.

The second movie is the 13th movie where Celebi comes back to crown city after 20 years, where a man, Kodai hunted for the time rift, where Celebi leaves or enters to go back in time.  Ash, Zorua and his friends help protect Celebi and return it back to the time rift before Kodai does, where he will use it to gain the power to see his future, but at the cost of destroying Crown city’s trees, and plants.  With thanks to Zoroark, Zorua, Ash and friends, they helped stop Kodai, save Crown city, and celebi happily leaves Crown city and says goodbye to its friends.

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