Kanto Region Pokemon Part 1

By Amanda

Charmander is a fire type starter Pokemon, known as the lizard Pokemon, and known as Hitokage in Japan. It knows strong moves like dragon rage, and flamethrower. It can evolve into Charmeleon at level 16, and then into Charizard at level 36. In the anime, Ash caught a Charmander when it was abandoned by its trainer. When it evolved into Charmeleon, it started to disobey his orders, and continued to do so when it evolved into Charizard. It wasn’t till during his adventures in the Orange Islands when Ash gained Charizards trust, and became one of Ash’s loyal Pokemon he can trust.

Pikachu is an electric type and is known as the mouse Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan. Pikachu can learn strong attacks like thunderbolt, thunder, and slam. In the anime, Ash got Pikachu as his first Pokemon, and at first Pikachu didn’t like Ash. It wasn’t until Pikachu saw that Ash would protect it from a flock of Spearow when it started to trust Ash, leading to them becoming friends and Pikachu becoming known as Ash’s Pikachu. Now Pikachu fully trusts Ash, defending him when in danger, but sometime they can disagree on a few things. Pikachu can be considered the true mascot of Pokemon, and being one of the most popular characters ever. Pikachu is the evolved form of Pichu, and Pikachu can evolve into Raichu when you use a thunderstone.

Eevee is a normal type and is known as the evolution Pokemon, and known as Eievui in Japan. It can learn attacks like bite, quick attack, and take down. Eevee is unique for the fact that there are 7 different Eevee evolutions.  The fact that it can evolve into 7 different Pokemon is unlike any other character. It can evolve into Jolteon through the use of a thunderstone, a Vaporeon through the use of a waterstone, a Flareon with the use of a firestone. Eevee can also evolve into Espeon if its friendship is at its max, and Eevee evolves during the day, and into Umbreon if its friendship is at its max, and that Eevee evolves during the night. Eevee can also evolve into Leafeon in the Sinnoh region only if it levels up near the Moss Rock, and into Glaceon only in Sinnoh if it levels up near the Ice rock. Eevee as well as its evolved forms have made numerous appearances within the Pokemon series as well as making either cameos, or being in the Pokemon movies.

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