Pokemon Tyranitar

By Anonymous

Have you heard of a powerful Pokemon? Well I’m sure you have! Dragon type Pokemon are by far known to be some of the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Many of these Pokemon that are dragon type are also legendary Pokemon, legendary Pokemon are also some of the strongest, but can be defeat like any other Pokemon. There can be strong Pokemon of any type, they don’t have to be legendary either. One of these Pokemon is known as Tyranitary.

Tyranitar is a powerful Pokemon, his speed is the only thing that can get the best of him. Tyranitar has an odd Pokemon typing combination that is actually kind of cool. Tyranitar is a rock type Pokemon but is also part dark making Tyranitar a rock type Pokemon and a dark type Pokemon. Tyranitar evolves from Pupitar, which evolves from Larvitar. Larvitar look slike a smaller form of Tyrantiar, Pupitar looks like a coccon structure, but once it reaches level fifty-five it will evolve into the powerful Pokemon Tyranitar. Tyranitar has a green body with black blotches on it. He resembles a dinosaur and is a pretty cool looking Pokemon. He is large in size compared to most normal size Pokemon.
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