Japanese Re-Ment Pokemon Forest Figures Now Available

The Japanese Re-Ment Pokemon Forest figures have now been released in Japan. Each box came with one random tree part and figure.

Version #8 (Celebi)

Version #7 (Pidgeotto)

Version #6 (Pichu)

Version #5 (Teddiursa)

Version #4 (Elekid/Bellossom)

Version #3 (Bulbasaur/Oddish)

Version #2 (Rowlet)

Version #1 (Pikachu)

You can connect the pieces of the tree together to build a Pokemon tree. If you get all 8 pieces, the finished tree will look like this

Of course you can change the order of the tree. But, the best thing is that each tree piece comes with the bottom piece of the tree, so you can even make a short tree with one or two pieces or you can make a huge giant tree. The finished 8 piece tree stands about 11″ (28cm) tall. You can find these awesome Pokemon Forest tree figures on Pokevault for a limited time. Collect one, two or the entire set!!!

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Pokemon Pidgey

By Anonymous

There are Pokemon found in all the areas of a region. This includes all the grass, the caves, the water, and on the routes. Not usually the interactive Pokemon That are just in their area standing there, like a legendary Pokemon. This is mainly used for legendaries or Pokemon such as Sudowwodo or Lapras. But in the Kanto region, there is a Pokemon you can encounter almost anywhere in the grass in the routes. This Pokemon is a normal type Pokemon, not a Rattata, but a Pidgey.

Pidgey is also a flying type Pokemon so it is a normal and flying type Pokemon, this makes it immune to ghost type Pokemon attacks. Pidgey can be found at all levels, starting from level two all the way to around level twenty and then you’ll start to find it’s second evolution, Pidgeotto. Pidgey can get the basic attacks in the start such as Tackle and Growl. Tackle is just a charge at the opponent, while Growl lowers the opponent’s attacks stat. Pidgey will also have a ground attack known as Sand-Attack, it throws sand at the opponent and lower’s their accuracy. In the anime Pidgey is seen a lot.

Ash tries to capture a Pidgey using a rock, yes a rock, this is because his newly receive Pikachu doesn’t obey him so Ash must capture Pokemon by himself. He fails to capture the Pidgey. Later on there is Pudgy Pidgey Isle, which is an island filled with fat Pidgey’s it sounds really weird but it is the truth, I believe it is in the Johto anime series, it is a nice episode, I suggest you watch it.
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