All About Zoroark And Zorua Pokemon

By Emily

Zorua and Zoroark are two of the newest Pokemon from generation five, and are an incredibly unique pair. From abilities to attacks, these two bring many new aspects to the Pokemon Black and White games. These two were the main stars of the movie Zoroark – Master of Illusions, which has already aired in Japan and the United States. They are the only new characters to fully appear in the movie. They were also the first Pokemon of the newest generation to be officially revealed.

Illusion, the ability of both Zorua and Zoroark, makes them look like the last Pokemon in your party. Their attacks and such stay the same, but their appearance completely changes. With some luck, this ability can be of immense help in a battle against an in-game trainer since they may choose an attack that is not effective against the Dark type. But once these two receive a lot of damage, their Illusion ability will not work, so using them when they are at full health is the best idea.

Like the spikey-eared Pichu, both of them can be obtained in the games only from events, and require certain Pokemon to activate their event. For Zorua, the special Celebi given out in conjunction with the newest Pokemon movie is needed. Bringing Celebi to a building in Castelia City and interacting with Zorua, who is disguised as a child, will break Zorua’s illusion and you will have a chance to add it to your party. The Zorua will always be male and can not be obtained shiny.

Zoroark’s event can be activated by one of three different Pokemon; either the shiny Entei, shiny Raikou, or shiny Suicune event Pokemon can be used. By taking one of these shiny beasts to Lostlorn forest, Zoroark will break its human illusion and turn into the beast that your Pokemon is weak to.

For example, with the event Suicune, Zoroark will turn into Raikou, but Zoroark’s typing, stats, and attacks do not change. This Zoroark will always be female, and once its illusion breaks it can be captured. The genders of these Pokemon are set due to their connection to the thirteenth movie; Zorua is the baby boy and Zoroark is the mother.

Recently, Zoroark has had a special event distribution at the World Hobby Fair and over Wi-Fi. Both Zoroarks are unique since they know the attack Bark Out, which is only available through a TM that has not been released yet. The Zoroarks have a set nature, and can not be obtained shiny. However, if the Zoroark is bred with a female Zoroark or a Ditto, they will produce Zoruas that also know the attack Bark Out.

Zoroark’s attack stats are both very high, as is its speed. Due to these initially high stats and the attack Hone claws, it is very good at dealing both physical and special damage. However, its defenses and HP stats are very low, so it will not be able to take a lot of hits.

The final attack of both Zorua and Zoroark is Night Burst, which deals quite a bit of damage if used by Zoroark due to the Same Type Attack Bonus and its high special attack. This attack is exclusive to these two, and can not be learned by any other Pokemon through leveling up or as an egg move. Upon evolving from a Zorua, Zoroark has the opportunity to learn the attack Night Slash, which Zorua can not learn through normal level up.

Since the only Zorua and Zoroark available in the games can not be obtained as shinies, breeding is the only option to get legit shiny versions of thesm. Since Masuda method breeding is in the games, breeding one of these two Pokemon with a foreign Ditto (or other foreign Pokemon) increases the odds of getting a shiny egg to 1:2048 from 1:8192. Even though the odds are improved, it may take a very long time before you hatch a shiny Zorua in the game.

Both Pokemon add uniqueness to the newest generation of Pokemon games, and have nearly become icons of the Unova region. The possibilities are varied, and they make a fun addition to any team, no matter how far along in the game you are.

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